Of Coursemates.

20 Jan

Tuesday is the day I dread most cause classes are really packed that day.

I have class from 9am onwards up until 6pm, with breaks in between of course or you’ll have a crazy person blogging here now.

But yesterday, which is a Tuesday was rather different.

Classes are as usual, of course but I guess the random things we (my course mates and I) did for that one hour break in between our Methodology and APK made it all different!

Jo Ann has some problems with her student account with UM so she had to go to the SKR department to settle things.

Lik Sheng, her boyfriend drove us all there with her car.

Reason I emphasize it’s Jo Ann’s car is because…

#1. Pei Ling & Ang

No, not because she has two weird-looking passengers at the back. 😉

It’s because the car is FULL with soft toys!!!

It’s everywhere!!!


Anyways, we got there after a while and Jo Ann proceeded to the counter with Lik Sheng to get things done.

Meanwhile, I was stuck with these two.


As you can see, they were clearly enjoying each other’s company despite the fact that they complain a lot about each other. Haha!

I am waiting for the day to come  when Ang or Pei Ling declares they are together or something. ;p

After about 15 minutes or something, all is good with Jo Ann’s account and she is a happy girl again! 🙂

#4. Jo Ann & Lik Sheng

We settled down at the faculty’s cafe after that while waiting for the next class to start and a few of us got some stuffs to eat.

Lik Sheng has this ability to put the whole tofu into his mouth so I was trying to snap a picture of him doing it.


And obviously, I failed.

I will try harder next time. 🙂

Okay, got to go now.

I got two (killer) tutorials due tomorrow, one assignment and one presentation due next week. T.T

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