Of Duty and Dreams

25 Jan

It’s Monday.

School and work starts again after the weekend and for me, today I had one presentation, one tutorial, one basketball match, and supposedly one discussion.

As I was waiting for my printing to be done, there were cheers and applauds on the other side.

It was then this thought came to me.

If it was a yes, I would’ve been there.

Forms being filled up, in the midst of cheers and boos from the people.

Yet, here I am, printing my presentation slides and tutorials that will be submitted in a while.

Printing done, and I went off to the other way; the way to my faculty.

The route that I shall take to perform my duty as a student.

To nail the presentation I’ve been preparing for the past week. (and I did! 🙂 )

To submit the tutorial that will gain me marks for my continuous assessment.

To go on with all the lectures and rush my assignments that are all due this week.

And not the other route; the route that I should be taking if I want to fulfill my dreams.

A dream that would be left as a dream only.

As I have made up my mind to concentrate in my studies.


To submit tutorials on time, to revise consistently, to prepare properly for every presentation, to work hard in every assignment.

Well, I hope I made the right choice and is able to score this semester.

2 Responses to “Of Duty and Dreams”

  1. Belle January 26, 2010 at 9:03 pm #

    Hey dear, keep up the good work yea 🙂 whatever choices you make or made…


    and i think you did make the right choice.. haha.. that’s just me..

    • Xin Min January 28, 2010 at 6:02 pm #

      Hehe!! Thank you dear!! *big bear hug!!*

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