Pre-CNY and Day One!

17 Feb

I’m back at Subang!!!

Okay, updates on the celebration back at Ipoh over the past few days.

Day 1 at Ipoh

(One day before CNY)

#1. Cup cakes!

I was home early so Mom and I worked on some cupcakes to be brought back to Ipoh for the relatives.

Mom was in-charged of the baking process, while I got the decoration on cupcakes done!


We reached Ipoh at about 7am, breakfast-ed then started our routine.

You see, everytime we go back Ipoh, we would visit certain relatives with this particular order.

Like after breakfast, we would visit my dad’s sister.

Then it’ll be my mom’s brother.

Meet Suki!

#3. Suki!!!

My uncle’s adorable doggy!

She sure caught our attention and made us all melt with her cute ‘stunts’!

Like when she knows you’ve got food in your hands, she’ll stand on her legs and follow you around, like this!


Cute right!!! πŸ™‚

After my uncle’s place, we would return to my dad’s brother’s place where we usually sleep at during CNY.

And what happens every year is that we will lay around with nothing to do while waiting for reunion dinner.

This year however, we found something else to do!

We (my sisters and I) went for nail art! πŸ™‚


Okay, now every one knows I’ve got wrinkled feet. :s

Anyways, it was certainly a nice thing to do that day or else we would all just sleep and waste time mindlessly.

Then it was reunion dinner, and after that it was just TV the whole night.


Don’t remember what were they laughing about. ;p

Day 2 at Ipoh

(1st Day of CNY)

Day started off early with the usual breakfast.

#7. Nasi Lemak

Then we all dressed up for lunch at my cousin’s place. πŸ™‚


My picture’s not there cause if I were to be placed in between my sisters like that, I would look seriously under-dressed. 😦

Anyway, so we went to my cousin’s house.

We were among the earliest guests there so we camwhored a little around the house. πŸ™‚

#9. Pa with his 'siu lui yan' πŸ™‚


#11. Pa & his sister



Meet my nephews!!


Not nephews like my sister’s sons of course.

Aiden and Sharab are my cousin sister’s sons.

Super adorable and mischievious for kids their age!


Almost forgot to put this picture!!

My cousin made this obscene-looking but incredibly tasty snack!

It’s sausage wrapped with bacon.

I kept saying it looks so wrong but my cousin said I’m the one thinking the wrong things. -.-

Then the lion dance people came…


Where XinYi got quite luckyΒ  cause she managed to get the most (I don’t know what) vege thrown out by the lions.


Maybe this explains why she’s been winning quite a lot of money lately.

Then after that spent the day at my mom’s brother’s place.

I slept the whole afternoon and only woke up when it was about time for dinner.

For dinner, we had…

#18. Lou sang~~

Yup yup! For the good luck that it brings with it, apparently. πŸ™‚

And after dinner, we had the typical bonding sessions, as usual..


First it was Poker.

#20. Aunt & Cousin Ming Derk

Then we played this game called ‘High Low’.


The picture above shows how bad luck I was.

The way you play the game is that you place a bet if you think there’s a high chance in getting any cards in between the two cards you get.

So you see, I got 2 and Queen, so basically I’ll win if I get any card in between them, which is damn a lot right!!!

But I had to get an Ace and pay up instead!!!

I always get the oddest cards! 😦

Like an Ace at times like this instead of BlackJack or Poker. T.T

But thank goodness I’m still winning just a few ringgits for now. Nyehehehe~

Okay, two days for now.

Day 2 of CNY has quite a lot of pictures so I’ll wrap it up in another post.

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