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I’m Sorry.

29 Mar

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote something (more) personal.

I’ve been thinking whether or not to put it up but I knew I just had to or else this is going to disturb me for a longer time.

I don’t know if this is normal but I recently feel like I always want to be alone.

It’s not recent like few days recent but I think it’s been a few months.

And when I get this feeling, I choose to shut all doors behind me, doors that connect me with different circle of friends and yes, sadly BFFs included.

There must be a cause for this, which I’m not sure what and not sure if getting it out would really help.

So I sincerely apologize to those who feels like it’s been a while since XinMin said hi or spoke nicely to you.

Give me some (more) time.

I will try to set things straight again.

I Need Some Me-Time.

26 Mar

I feel like I haven’t been having enough time for myself.

You know, those times where you sit and do things that are completely non-beneficial other than the fact that they make you super happy after that.

Which explains the lack of updates.

And sleep.

Will come back to you asap.

Cup-Y Cakes!

13 Mar

Yup, as mentioned in the nice nice posters above, we (my course mates and I) are going to sell cup cakes for The Entrepreneurship Day!!!

It’s not like the cupcakes outside, where it’s just about being sweet and pretty, our cup cakes are pretty and definitely delicious!

Best part is you can customize the words on top one ok!

So, if you’ve got something to say to your special someone but you feel shy telling it in person, these cupcakes are at your service!

We are given this (sort of) secluded spot on the actual day (23 March 2010), which is at the carpark in front of Bangunan Peperiksaan but no worries, we are already accepting orders now. 🙂

Pre-orders are available until 17 March 2010, Wednesday so go order now! Details are stated in the above posters! 🙂

CNY Visiting With the Econs People.

6 Mar

Okay, your missing blogger is back.

No thanks to the stupid connection in college which explains why I haven’t been updating.

I can only access to UM websites at night, after 7pm and I have classes during the day so there weren’t any other choice but to leave this aside.


Okay, CNY may be over but since this blog has been so outdated, I’m going to post some pictures from our ‘pai nin’ activity with the course mates.

To be honest, I rarely hang out with them before this.

Probably because there is college activities ALL the time so I had to miss out on all the fun.

But this time, I made it! We went to a few houses for visiting one Friday.

Weather was crazily hot in the afternoon and it was raining heavily later in the evening.

So typical KL. 🙂


Day started off with Jo Ann’s house where she conned won a whole lot of our money.

Immediately, the rest of us were already broke. Damn kesian right. Sigh.

Next was Jason’s. 🙂

#2. Madelyn, JoAnn & PeiLing

where Jo Ann got sexually assaulted by these two. Haha!

After a while we got to Liew’s house.


Group picture!! (Including Liew who’s behind the camera)

#4. Madelyn and the Guys

Then we went to Boss Lik Sheng’s house but didn’t stay for that long cause we all can’t wait to gamble. Nyehehehe~

At Pei Ling’s house…


This girl keep winning only. Ish~

#6. Lucky girl

Okay, before Jo Ann starts to complain, I must clarify for her that she is not kaki judi or some sort. It’s just CNY, so of course gamble lah! 🙂

She was the only one winning throughout the whole day.

The rest of us were losing a bit.

#7. Pei Ling & Jason

After Pei Ling’s, they decided to come to my house, the outlier as well.

And it was in my house that even Jo Ann lost money to my sister. Haha!

So yup, one whole day spent on visiting and it was definitely another memorable moment spent with the course mates. 🙂