Student Vs Intern

16 Jun

I saw the credit balance left in my Touch N Go and knew my time in HSBC is running up.

Most of the others either complain or dread going for internship but strangely, I enjoyed it really much myself.

Perhaps I’m over that phase where you know, you expect your working life to be so exciting and just different everyday.

I understood perfectly you repeat the same old routines everyday when you work when I was about 17, working for Adidas and MCKY.

Thing is, it’s how you see the little things around you.

Maybe today is a better day than tomorrow because you get a seat in the forever packed LRT.

Or today is better than yesterday cause you drew perfectly nice lines on your eyes with the same eyeliner.

It all differs with every individual, of course but I seem to find joy in all these little things. 😀

But all these seemed more joyful when you’re in the working world.

People may be more hypocrite (as what they always say) but at least they’re being fake for more solid reasons than simply being able to show off in your stupid tiny faculty.

I know I am going to work all my life after I graduate but I really enjoy every bit of internship.

In fact, I think I am truly blessed to have been given the chance to meet such supportive team mates, to work in a place so near to the train station, to be given allowance, and the list just goes on and on!

On the contrary, I dread going back to the university now. 😦

Perhaps it’s because I’ve set my ambitions to something else (less fun) now but still, thoughts of going back to being a student again make me really really upset.

Most of the peers in university think the world revolves only around them when they do not realize they mean nothing to the world cause they’re only a super tiny part of it.

Maybe more importantly I’ve escaped from ‘reality’ for too long.

But I just like this phase so much.

Sigh. This is life.

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