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Escaping from Tutorials.

31 Jul

I have a whole lot of tutorials stacked up, all due on Tuesday and Wednesday but here I am.

I started off with Financial Economics; done with one question then I somewhat gave up. Adjourned to Time Series but to no avail, gave up at the very first question as well.

Looked at Microeconomics tutorial; just by reading the questions frustrates me.

I couldn’t work tonight. I don’t know why. I keep pushing myself, but I cannot work.

It’s really frustrating and with a nagging Mom by the side, I feel even more pressured.

I don’t know what is wrong but the need to work and not being able to is killing me.

Many things going through my mind now but nothing related to the tutorials which is more frustrating.

Bahh!! If this continues, how to achieve what I want? 😦

Just needed to rant. I will be up on my feet again. I will be fine.

The First Event.

30 Jul

Today is the first day the few of us attended a function as the board of directors of PEKUMA.

Just like we hoped for, Liew is the newly elected Yang DiPertua. 😀

And he is sure serious about his responsibilities – first meeting’s date has already been set!

So yeah, Liew, Madelyn, Foo Seong, Lik Sheng and I went back to the faculty to attend the I-Week’s opening ceremony.

#1. The arrival of VIPs

Yes! Spot Liew among the VIPs!!! So proud of him *sob sob* =p

Ceremony started with the usual speeches…

#2. Prof Dr Goh Kim Leng

#3. Director of I-Week 2010

#4. Assoc. Prof Dr Fatimah Kari

Then it was the opening ceremony gimmick…

#5. VIPS with gimmick

#6. The crowd

Well, it’s time for me to play that role again!

The role of a deputy director/president/Yang DiPertua. 🙂

People ask why am I always the deputy instead of the Director/President.

Thing is, I’ve been in both positions and I enjoyed myself much more when I’m the deputy.

And I get to see and learn more things when I’m the Deputy. When you’re following a different Director, you get to see different ways of leadership and management. 🙂

I think I’m better off assisting than taking charge as well! Hehe!

So yup, I’m gonna do my best assisting Liew in making PEKUMA alive again! 😀

p.s: Pictures are all taken with my new baby! ♥

Of Reasons to be Happy!

28 Jul

It’s the end of Wednesday!!! 😀

Which is good news obviously because Wednesday is the day where my classes are all packed up from 9 in the morning till 5 in the evening.

But I am drained out now as well so will skip dinner and get some rest after this.

Well, I started the week off with a pretty good way!

I was lost (literally, despite being in my final year already) on Monday while going to my Time Series tutorial but I made it there in the end.

Late but at least I made it, right? 🙂

Then at night went to Mid Valley with the girls to meet up with another friend.

Had pretty fun chats over dinner and then movie! 🙂

Somehow I have this thing for cinemas. I am not picky with movies, just bring me into the cinema and I’ll be a happy girl! Haha!

#1. Streetdance

Wanted to get Inception but tickets were all sold for the screening time that we wanted so opted for this.

It was pretty good, nothing fantastic but I really like the British accent! 🙂

Then just yesterday, had lunch with the girls; Belle, Mandy, Elen and Louise.

I had the urge to watch movie again suddenly over lunch so off we went to Tropicana City Mall and watched this…

#2. Sorcerer's Apprentice!

Any magical, fantasy-ish, completely-doesn’t-make-sense kind of movie is good movie to me!!!

I really like every part of this movie, including the fact that the lead actor (no, not Nicholas Cage, the apprentice fella) got a really funny voice. 😀

#3. 🙂

This is one of those pictures that don’t turn out to be that clear but I still like it very much. ♥

Can’t wait to take more nice nice pictures with them! 🙂

Oh! And you know what…

#4. Ixus 120!

I finally got a replacement for Xin Yi after the Ixus 80 tragedy!

Can’t wait to try it when I get home this weekend! 🙂

Karaoke Dinner!

23 Jul

Okay, I guess I should really stop posting all the emo post here before I bore each and every one of you.

So, last weekend when I was home, the Choong’s along with my dear room mate Louise and Aunt Lowell (Kao Bie)’s family had dinner together at the Grand Imperial.

Dad managed to get us a room as well, so we had the karaoke set to ourselves!


So, while waiting for Kao Bie and her family to reach, we camwhored and started singing random Chinese songs. 😀

#2. Fei & Xin Yi in action! 🙂

#3. Pa with the drama queen as his back-up singer.

#4. Louise in action!

 They sang while we camwhored… 🙂

#5. Boy & Mom

#6. Loo and I

#7. Drama queen with Mommy!

Battery was running low that day so didn’t get to take any pictures of the good good food we had that day.

Lobsters with cheese, suckling pig with glutinous rice, scallops with brocolli… *drools

After dinner, the karaoke session was up again but this time it was all oldies!

#8. My dear nanny, Yee Poh

Cause Yee Poh was singing the whole time!

It felt so good watching everyone having so much fun.

#9. Kao Bie & Qii Qii

I’m not a big fan of karaoke but that night I actually felt like karaoke-ing for real after dinner!

Too bad everyone said it was too expensive and not worth it so the mood died off real soon.

Anyways, I’m home again since it’s the weekends so will probably arrange something with the sisters!

Where is My Light?

21 Jul

It’s really surprising that I can update something when I’m already back in the university cause the line’s been pretty unstable and my laptop just decided to fail on me. 😦

But oh wells, shouldn’t complain too much cause I got a lot of other things to rant about here!

I’ve always been really optimistic with the things or happenings around me.

Really, I just somehow would think of a way to convince myself, it really isn’t that bad actually.

But first thing when I got back to the uni, there were problems with the room registrations.

End up I got to stay at the dorm – 6 in a room.

And surprising enough, I actually kind of like it cause I always prefer to have more room mates.

BUT the dorm was used as a store room during the break, which means it was in a total mess and filthy dirty!

Louise and I dragged everything out and managed to clean the room in two nights.

And I consider that as a beginning to my hostel life, my final year in the hostel.

I was telling myself I’m going to miss this when I graduate. You know, just trying to be a little optimistic.

Then all the dramas and chaos in college just got to start lah.

Memorandums, new administrators, no water supply, rat problem, etc etc…

Last night, I asked Louise, my dear room mate in between my tears and sobs, where is the positive side?

I obviously didn’t just cry over the water supply and rats, there was something else.

I really stayed up and tried to search for the bright side but I couldn’t.

There really wasn’t anymore light in these cases and perhaps the last and only good news is it’s my final year.

I won’t have to deal with all these anymore in just two more semesters.

Why did things have to turn out this way?

Where has my light gone to?

Experience with the QA Team.

9 Jul

I may be repeating myself but again, INTERNSHIP WAS HEAPS OF FUN!!!

You see, where do you get your Assistant Managers, Officers, seniors, just basically the whole team to take such pictures?

#1. The team!

Basically, what I did for the whole 8 weeks was to listen to the sales calls made by Telesales Representatives of HSBC and see if they are telling customers the right things.

I do the same thing everyday, but I somehow enjoyed myself much more than I’ve ever expected.

#2. Xue Yin, myself and Jessica

Major reason definitely is because of them two; Xue Yin and Jessica. ♥

They’re both interns as well – Xue Yin completed her studies at UCSI while Jessica is in the midst of completing her degree in Economics at NTU, Singapore.

Probably we’re about the same age (Jess is a year younger) hence we sort of have the same wave length which leads to pretty interesting conversations during lunch time everyday! 🙂

#3. Us with Sarah & Thana

Then there’s Sarah and Thana.

They’re both permanent in the team, oh only Thana is in the team now as Sarah was promoted and is now in the 6th floor! 😀

Anyway, they were both really helpful and supportive throughout my 8 weeks there.

When we have to stay back due to backlogs, Thana’ll treat us burger and make sure we all reached home safe and sound.

And Sarah was really protective of us as when disputes came in, she’ll be standing up for us.

#4. With Boon & Chris!

The guys!

They’re both permanent as well but I got to work with Chris for a while only cause he joined later.

Boon has always been the one leading us to places for lunch cause you see, girls just seem to have no sense of directions sometimes. :p

Chris is considered new when I left but he was picking up real fast! Sure hope he is helping Thana with her workload!

#5. With Mr Fathul & Mr Lim

And the above two are Mr Fathul, my supervisor in HSBC and Mr Lim.

They are definitely ranks above me but they guided me with much patience all the way. 🙂

#6. With Sakun and Nalini

 These two dearies are from the Support Team.

They have been really nice and warm to us as well. Sigh. I’m missing them already. 😦

#7. With the CEO & MD of Global Banking, HSBC Bank Malaysia BHD

 Days before we left, we met the CEO in front of the office and got to snap a picture with him! 🙂

Not one of my favourite pics, but how often do you get to stand so close to your CEO, what more take a picture with him?

#8. Something we got for Thana...

 Dear Team,

I know the chances that any of you guys are going to read this is really slim, but I really want you all to know that I’ve enjoyed really moment spent with you guys.

The experience in HSBC wasn’t just about the information and knowledge I’ve gained but it was also about the friendship and bond created during that 8 weeks.

I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful memories.

Love you guys max! And do take care!

Last but not least, LET’S MAKE IT RIGHT AT ALL TIME!

 p.s: All these fine quality pics are borrowed from Jessica. Thanks girl! 🙂