Of Reasons to be Happy!

28 Jul

It’s the end of Wednesday!!! 😀

Which is good news obviously because Wednesday is the day where my classes are all packed up from 9 in the morning till 5 in the evening.

But I am drained out now as well so will skip dinner and get some rest after this.

Well, I started the week off with a pretty good way!

I was lost (literally, despite being in my final year already) on Monday while going to my Time Series tutorial but I made it there in the end.

Late but at least I made it, right? 🙂

Then at night went to Mid Valley with the girls to meet up with another friend.

Had pretty fun chats over dinner and then movie! 🙂

Somehow I have this thing for cinemas. I am not picky with movies, just bring me into the cinema and I’ll be a happy girl! Haha!

#1. Streetdance

Wanted to get Inception but tickets were all sold for the screening time that we wanted so opted for this.

It was pretty good, nothing fantastic but I really like the British accent! 🙂

Then just yesterday, had lunch with the girls; Belle, Mandy, Elen and Louise.

I had the urge to watch movie again suddenly over lunch so off we went to Tropicana City Mall and watched this…

#2. Sorcerer's Apprentice!

Any magical, fantasy-ish, completely-doesn’t-make-sense kind of movie is good movie to me!!!

I really like every part of this movie, including the fact that the lead actor (no, not Nicholas Cage, the apprentice fella) got a really funny voice. 😀

#3. 🙂

This is one of those pictures that don’t turn out to be that clear but I still like it very much. ♥

Can’t wait to take more nice nice pictures with them! 🙂

Oh! And you know what…

#4. Ixus 120!

I finally got a replacement for Xin Yi after the Ixus 80 tragedy!

Can’t wait to try it when I get home this weekend! 🙂

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