Escaping from Tutorials.

31 Jul

I have a whole lot of tutorials stacked up, all due on Tuesday and Wednesday but here I am.

I started off with Financial Economics; done with one question then I somewhat gave up. Adjourned to Time Series but to no avail, gave up at the very first question as well.

Looked at Microeconomics tutorial; just by reading the questions frustrates me.

I couldn’t work tonight. I don’t know why. I keep pushing myself, but I cannot work.

It’s really frustrating and with a nagging Mom by the side, I feel even more pressured.

I don’t know what is wrong but the need to work and not being able to is killing me.

Many things going through my mind now but nothing related to the tutorials which is more frustrating.

Bahh!! If this continues, how to achieve what I want? 😦

Just needed to rant. I will be up on my feet again. I will be fine.

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