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Of Lighted Trees and Camwhores. :)

30 Aug

Finally went to I-City!!! 😀


There isn’t much there, and it’s all outdoors so you’ll get all sweaty and sticky after a while

But I enjoyed myself very much because I get to snap, snap and SNAP somemore!


Louise armed with her baby DSLR was snapping a lot too!

So basically, I-City is the place for camwhores. Hehe!

#3. With the other fellow camwhores. X)

#4. Gong Xi, Gong Xi~

Some of the pictures taken with Louise’s baby. ♥

And these are from mine. Hehe!

#5. Kent

#6. Hai & Louise

#7. Elen

#8. Moon

#9. Yours truly

Nyehehe! I know, I know.. All camwhore shots and what not, but this is seriously what I-City is all about!

Fred not, I will be going back to I-City again for more shameless pictures of my coursemates! 😀


28 Aug

XinYi sure made my day!!!

#1. The key!!!

It’s not just any key…♥

#2. It's a key with LeeHom's name! ♥

And the best part is, the key actually came free with the CD!

Yes!!! My sister bought the CD!!!


And she said she only wants to download the song “Things You Never Knew” so the album is sort of mine! 😀 *super super happy!!!*

I am still collecting his albums so an additional one is ultimately the good-est news to me!!!



Of Coursemates and Roomies

28 Aug

I’ve been spending most of the time in university with fellow coursemates lately.

Basically it’s because of PEKUMA and classes, work related stuff.

But if you ask me, why continue chatting with them through FB or spamming each other’s walls after class, I really have no idea.

Probably we all just miss each other too much. :p

#1. Birthday girl!

Just last Sunday, we arranged for a so-called surprise for our favourite maid. *inside joke*

Though someone completely spoiled it for us, it was a good laugh and the cake sure caught her by surprise.

So I wouldn’t say it was completely a failure!

#2. Guys will be guys. *tsk tsk*

Then we went to Picadilly’s where it was seriously a bad choice because the guys just completely ignored us after that. T__T

Nevertheless, the girls are good entertainers especially when we all sit together with nothing to do.

Gossiped the night away then we left and created some chaos in the middle of  the road.

Then just last night, we went for another random steamboat dinner session again.


It was a really good dinner to me, because everyone was enjoying themselves so much!

#4. Liew and his prawn.

#5. The lovebirds. 🙂

I will have to admit, that night was extra happening all thanks to him…

#6. Vincent Lim Su Hang

He has one of the ‘most stinky’ mouth (not literally) and yaps the night away but I guess, when it comes to friends gathering as such, we need a character like Vincent to keep the moods hyper. 😀

It was really a good dinner. What more, I had a good chat with Jo Ann and Lik Sheng after that at my house.

Heart to heart talks after our tummies are full and nonsense laughters with the bunch is nothing but …I can’t find a word for it. Orgasmic? Lol!

Well, other than the fellow Economics undergraduates, my birth date night was well spent with the roomies. 🙂

#7. My cutie Elen

Louise brought her DSLR out so we camwhored after our movie! 🙂

#8. Louise

#9. Mannequins wannabe.


One of my favourite shots of Louise. ♥

#11. Part of DB100, Mandy and Sher Lynn

Who said university life is a bore, again? 😀

More on the Birthday!

23 Aug

Not planning to write much in this post.

Going to fill it with pictures, pictures and MORE pictures! 🙂

#1. Pa and Meeee

The man and woman who made it happened.

Who made me who I am, today. ♥

#2. XinYi & XinFei

My bestest friends and partners in crime.

#3. Moon

The one who understands me best, in some issue that is. 😉

#4. Leong

#5. TBG, Shit & PG

#6. YDP Liew

#7. Jo Ann, Madelyn

#8. The girls.

The special ‘gifts’ I got from the faculty.

#9. Belle

The soft spoken yet super good friend. ♥

#10. Louise & Elen

The two long-time, loyal, truthful companions I have in this college.

Other random shots that I like…




Some of Mommy’s effort that night. 🙂

#14. Choong's!


#16. With the yummy BR cake!

#17. Reading all the personalized messages.


Oh ya! It was a themed party! I made all the girls wear black and all the guys wear white, just so that my pictures will turn out better! 😀

#19. With the girls.

#20. With the guys

And lastly, just a small shout out to my dear girl, Kylie…

#21. Kylie and Fei

Thank you for constantly being there for my baby sister!

I really owe you and Allyssa one for being just simply true friends to her because I do know that she always has this tendency to meet the wrong group of people.

I’m glad she knew you guys much earlier and you two have been there with her during her ups and downs all these years.

It means a whole lot to me to know that my sister is in good hands. Thank you, Kylie and Ally! 🙂

Why Me?

23 Aug

What do you do when people always think of you when there’s an empty spot for the villain in a certain situation?

How do you actually feel about it when people tend to think of you that way?

I know how some may think of yourself as an important figure since people actually do think of you immediately.

But for me, it’s an insult most definitely.

Perhaps sometimes I really do talk too much.

But when I stop nagging, it’s when I stop caring.

The Be-Earliered Celebration.

21 Aug

Last night I had a small gathering at home, with all the university friends.

It was really just a small thing with my mom cooking almost all the food served that night.

I really want to blog about it now but there were at least three DSLRs, four compact cameras that night and I’ve only got those from my baby now so maybe I’ll just wait.

But then again, I have got to write something here now before I forget any.

To the girls close to my heart, and close to me…well, literally!

My room mates.

#1. The girls from DB100

When I first got the dorm, I was both excited and nervous.

I’m always keen about having a bigger room with more room mates but really, more girls usually also means more drama.

I’m glad I got you five amazing girls who are just so tolerant, simple and gorgeously fun in your own ways.

We’re all different in so many ways, but I’m glad we all have one thing in common.

That is we treasure all those fun moments in between the simple lifestyle we go through everyday.

Yelling at one another because we like to think we’re all in a VERY big room, ‘touch-and-go-ing’, heart-to-heart talks, food sharing, going to bathe at the same time, still talking while bathing in separate rooms, and the list just goes on.

I try to think what would it be like if I had different room mates and I think of a room with six strangers, each minding their own business not knowing what are the others busy-ing about.

Thank you girls, for bringing so much joy to me everytime I come back from a hectic day of class. ♥

#2. The coursemates (and my mom)

To the crazily fun and down-to-earth people from the Faculty of Economics and Administration…

Thank you thank you thank you for being such awesome friends just in time before I graduate and tell people I have no friends from the same course. 😀

You guys really brought colours to my class-filled-times and I really enjoy being one of the Economics students now all thanks to you guys.

And thank you for proving me wrong when I thought the faculty was populated by all kiasu people. 🙂

I really appreciate all the little things you guys had done, really.

Like fetching me in and out when I am really an outlier, watching LeeHom with me though you guys weren’t really big fans, tolerating my tantrums, putting up with my nonsense, laughing with me though it’s sure embarrassing and just making sure all of us are out of trouble when either one of us skips class.


I really really treasure you guys. Thank you! ♥

To my other two…I can’t find the word for it…girls…?

#4. Mandy & Belle

To you two,

It’s not always that you get to find friends whom you still find comfort talking to despite not meeting for ages.

I am really grateful to have been blessed to meet you two.

You two are one of the few people I always want to talk to when I am feeling the lowest.

Just somehow, getting that big warm hug and being by your sides never fail to make things better.

And of course, lastly…

#5. Choong's power!

I’ve never been really clingy to my parents or family but that doesn’t mean I care for them any less.

Being part of this family is one of the biggest gift from whomever who arranged my life.

So to whomever who arranged it, You are really awesome for blessing me with a sarcastic but loving father, naggy but caring mother, and sometimes annoying but really thoughtful siblings.

It’s not true that you get less attention or less love when you’re in a big family because you have more people to care and love you. 😉

My birthday this year, though it’s not here yet but it’s really close to perfect already.

Of course, it would’ve been better with the BFFs and some special friends too but oh well, I have four more days till the exact date so I’m waiting! 😀

Love in Disguise. ♥

19 Aug

#1. Advantages of being a student.

I’ve finally watched Love in Disguise!!!

I will have to admit the beginning was a little slow and didn’t make much sense but towards the end, it was fantastic!

LeeHom’s songs were so suitable for the movie and oh, just so romantic!

Liew and Lik Sheng were the two unexpected ones to join us for the movie.

Us girls earlier thought of just watching it together but obviously Lik Sheng joined us (he apparently say we always leave him out) while Liew agreed to come almost immediately when we asked him. 😀

#2. Liew

#3. Pei Ling! 🙂

#4. The pretty sayang!

She’s getting a LOT better in posing!


The movie and random laughters we shared sure got me in the mood to partaayy!!

Room mates going to have a clubbing session in a while! Can’t wait! 😀