Love in Disguise. ♥

19 Aug

#1. Advantages of being a student.

I’ve finally watched Love in Disguise!!!

I will have to admit the beginning was a little slow and didn’t make much sense but towards the end, it was fantastic!

LeeHom’s songs were so suitable for the movie and oh, just so romantic!

Liew and Lik Sheng were the two unexpected ones to join us for the movie.

Us girls earlier thought of just watching it together but obviously Lik Sheng joined us (he apparently say we always leave him out) while Liew agreed to come almost immediately when we asked him. 😀

#2. Liew

#3. Pei Ling! 🙂

#4. The pretty sayang!

She’s getting a LOT better in posing!


The movie and random laughters we shared sure got me in the mood to partaayy!!

Room mates going to have a clubbing session in a while! Can’t wait! 😀

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