Of Lighted Trees and Camwhores. :)

30 Aug

Finally went to I-City!!! 😀


There isn’t much there, and it’s all outdoors so you’ll get all sweaty and sticky after a while

But I enjoyed myself very much because I get to snap, snap and SNAP somemore!


Louise armed with her baby DSLR was snapping a lot too!

So basically, I-City is the place for camwhores. Hehe!

#3. With the other fellow camwhores. X)

#4. Gong Xi, Gong Xi~

Some of the pictures taken with Louise’s baby. ♥

And these are from mine. Hehe!

#5. Kent

#6. Hai & Louise

#7. Elen

#8. Moon

#9. Yours truly

Nyehehe! I know, I know.. All camwhore shots and what not, but this is seriously what I-City is all about!

Fred not, I will be going back to I-City again for more shameless pictures of my coursemates! 😀

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