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Little Puppies With Different Fate.

24 Sep

Just few days ago, I saw this disturbing video on FB where a few boys were torturing a poor puppy.

They were doing all sorts of nonsense to the poor thing, including hitting it with a rod, lighting up fire crackers which they earlier put into the puppy’s mouth, and more but I couldn’t bear to watch further.

Then I thought of my (not so) little puppy at home. My dear Happy. 🙂

#1. At 2 months old

My uncle brought her to our house 4 years ago supposedly just for a holiday when she was about 2 months old, but my brother and I fell in love almost immediately with this little thing we adopted it from our uncle!

She’s supposed to be a Jack Russell on her birth certificate but just recently when my dad brought her to the vet, he said she’s a mix of French Bulldog and don’t know what else.

Oh yeah, we got her from the SPCA at Ipoh so we don’t really know about her origins. Haha!

#2. At 3 years old

My dad pampers her like anything. Every time when we have dinner he would ask, “You guys didn’t cook any dishes that Happy likes? What is she going to have for dinner?”

Oh yes, my doggy doesn’t eat dog food. She usually takes rice with chicken meat or even luncheon meat at times. And if we’re eating out, we’ll ta pao chicken rice for her.

And she knows no tricks. Except this:

#3. Performing her 'stunt'

Hahaha! No lah, she wasn’t pulling any stunt nor has she got the ability to even try any, she was just sleeping so very un-lady-like-ly.

She’s definitely obese, knows no tricks and is not from a an expensive or famous breed but we love her to bits.

She’s the most adorable, manja and obedient pup I’ve ever met. And honestly, before I got her I was actually scared of dogs. 😀 Funny how she turned me into a dog lover.

I look at her and thought to myself, even doggies have such different fate. The other adorable puppy in the video was tortured to death but my fat Happy is pampered like her owner’s own child.

Sigh. Such is life.

Oh yes, did I mentioned I’m back at home again? 😀

Bye bye BFFs!

19 Sep



Both my BFFs are either already back or is going back to their universities today. 😦

So life’s going to be back to normal where it’s all about assignments, quizzes, tests, and exams. Well, hopefully in between all that there’s going to be some random outings with the uni bunch.

I will definitely miss them two. 😦 But for now, the FB thread will just have to do since all of us are constantly busy.

To Heng, Loi and AUDREY CHOW, reply FB thread!!!

Till then, take care you three! ♥

Of Sets of Friends

18 Sep

Semester break’s been occupied with four sets of friends!

LOL. First set would definitely be the BFFs; Loi & Heng. Second set is coursemates, third set is the high school girls; Yean, Cass & Ivie and lastly the form 6 buddies.

So, I went to I-City (again, yes I know) this time with the second set!

#1. Corolla! 😀

Went in two cars, two bosses drove us there. 🙂

#2. With the darling TBG

#3. With the sayang

Well, as I said earlier, I-City is just about the lighted decorations all over the place. So basically we just snap around! 😀

#4. Them two

#5. The lovebirds

#6. The girls

#7. The guys

Then just last night, had the whole night with a mixture of first and fourth set.

It was Justine, Jess’s sister’s birthday. So we were at her place for the party and Jing Sheng introduced this game called Monopoly Deal to us.


I was having so much fun playing because it’s a faster version of Monopoly and definitely more evil one so it’s more fun!! 😀

#9. Justine with Alexander

Headed over to Chill Out after the cake-blowing to meet up with the Form 6 bunch.

#10. Cass

Continued with Monopoly Deal. 😀

#11. Deal Breaker

 My favourite card from the deck! 😀


#13. Clockwise from top - Myself, Cass, Jess & Carol

#14. Loi, JS & myself

Semester break has come to an end and I really haven’t enjoyed myself as much as I wanted.

But oh wells, I cannot be blaming myself and have that self-guilt which will only ruin my last day of freedom.

Shall go get ready to go back to the hostel tomorrow! 🙂

Hope you guys had a good holiday/weekend!

FEA Night 2010

16 Sep

It’s definitely way past normal bed time now but I am so super hyped up!

Okay, not like I have been sleeping at the normal hours but *sits up straight* THE WRITING MOJO IS HERE!

It is definitely, obviously, positively correlated (wtf?) to the fact that the FEA Night 2010’s publicity has been extra *KABOOM BOOM POW POW* all out tonight!

Posters, videos, repeated awesome articles from super cun people’s been popping up on the FB news feed since 10pm!

So how can my miss out right?!

FEA Night 2010 this year (pretty obvious duh from the name 2010 =.=) is pretty different from previous years.

Not only because this year it’s going to be a lot grander (not that previous years haven’t been grand but this year it’s grand to the power of maybe 10947105871058), it’s the first year ever that it is wholly solely organized by UNDERGRADUATES!

“Chew, so what?” I hear you say?

Eh hello, when we undergraduates are the ones organizing, it is definitely COOLER AND WAY MORE FUN since we are of the same wave lengths!

We know what you guys (I think my readers consist of mostly younger people) want and do not want to see in an event like this!

What more, we’re having it at…

Hilton PJ HOTEL!!!!

Nope, it’s not IN the university and our tickets are unreasonably CHEAP!

Well, don’t expect RM10 or RM20 lah, let’s just be realistic (*cough* see previous post) you don’t get a proper event with just RM20 anymore nowadays.

Even college ones make you pay RM100 AT LEAST regardless of you wanting to go or not.

And we’re even giving out free MASKS ok! Not just some lau-chi-pek masks you get from a 5 years old birthday party, it’s really those nice masks you see grown-ups wear to dinner!

Even Zorro’s mask cannot beat our mask!

And the most ultimate reason to go is…

The Faculty of Economics haven’t had such a big event like this for many many many years already. If you still want to see more of these events, come and show your support.

Or else FEA is going to be another empty building with lecture halls for lifeless undergraduates to listen to boring lecturers.

Just the thought of that makes me seriously sad already. 😦

But oh wells, we have FEA Night 2010 and you should seriously come join us!

Okay, special offer to readers of my blog who register after reading this post.

If you’re a girl, I’ll get a drop dead gorgeous hunk to give you a stalk of rose that night, with picture of you guys taken together.

If you’re a guy, I’ll intro you to a HOT chick that night itself, get you her number and get a picture taken together. WITH DSLR!

No, I’m not talking about myself, don’t worry. I am very serious with my offer!

Just come to me with your ticket after you’ve registered and I will secretly grant you this offer if you pai seh want to leave a comment here. 😀

Details are as below!



See! Even our posters are so nice already!

Faster register with us and get your ticket! 😀

If you really want more information, who has already RSVP and stuff, go visit our FB page *click on words please 🙂 *

Hope to see you guys there! 😀

Materialistic Vs Realistic

14 Sep

A friend recently posted something about KL girls being materialistic and probed for comments.

And that was what got me thinking. Even had a conversation with my ever high-maintainence sister, Xin Yi over this.

Conclusion, KL girls or just generally girls are realistic, not materialistic.

I know it’s just a thin line there between being materialistic and realistic which is why I’m going to give a scenario here just to make you guys see easier what am I talking about.

Let’s just take choosing your other half as the subject since people tend to always relate topics back to relationship.

You’re dating Guy A, both madly in love but Guy A doesn’t have a fix income so he goes around with the help of public transports.

#1. The infamous KTM

So yeah, you think it’s all romantic and lovey-dovey that you get to take public transport together. Aww~ He doesn’t have to drive so you guys get to spend more time doing quality talks. So romantic~


You guys go to the same place for dinner everytime because oh well, that’s the only place accessible by public transport.

“Aw~ So nice,” you think to yourself, “He’s going to only love me his entire life since he doesn’t mind doing all the same things, going to the same places together”.

#3. Happily ever after, just like Carl & Ellie

Came your fifth month-sary and you still rely on public transport to go to the same mall.

Despite the fact that you had a hectic day and you’re dead tired, you have to squeeze with all the other Bangla’s who give you weird stares just for a date with Guy A. They’re all sweaty and have weird body odours and you’re right under their armpit. You’ve got nowhere to go because it’s the peak hour and the bus is just packed like that.

After all the fuss, you go to the mall, eat at the same place and you have to take public transport home again with your beloved Guy A. Oh fantastic, it’s even raining now! Still keen on going out the next time?

#4. No next time, please! >.<

Then, along came Guy B who’s equally or perhaps not as nice as Guy A but he has a bicycle.

Bicycle! At least you can go somewhere else with him since he has at least two wheels and you don’t have to squeeze with random Bangla’s in the bus. 

#5. Wee~

You don’t have to go to the same place anymore and perhaps just sometimes a change is good.

Will you not consider to dump Guy A for Guy B?

Still say no?

How about the bus just broke down and you’re late for a family gathering and your grand father hates it when people comes late?

Or some random Bangla just lifted your skirt and squeezed your a*s and there’s nothing your Guy A could do because it’s just so damn packed in the bus?

I’m sure you’re going to escape with Guy B on his bicycle in no time!

It’s not about the bicycle’s brand or the price you pay for public transports, it’s just human’s nature to only want the better of things for themselves.

I’m not saying girls should dump their boyfriends just because they drive older cars or local ones.

Obviously, feelings are still most important about a relationship. Along with a lot of other factors lah.

Say if Guy C came later with a 7 series BMW but only wants to keep you as a mistress.


I’m sure you wouldn’t leave Guy B for Guy C. In this case, bicycle wins over BMW.

And this is what I call realistic. 😉

Of An Outing with the BFFs

12 Sep

I’m so addicted to the computer and Internet, I think I’ll just go crazy one day without them!

First thing I do when I wake up is to online. Immediately after breakfast I online. In between I might do some other nonsense but regardless of what I do, I’ll come back to the computer immediately.

Not sure if it’s such a bad thing after all since I do find it amusing and entertaining everytime I go online. 😀

Anyway, the BFFs plus Joel went off to Pyramid the other day, supposedly to catch the latest Resident Evil movie but much to our disappointment, it wasn’t out yet.

Headed over to dinner instead.

#1. Subway!

Lingered around for a while before the shops starting closing then we decided to stop by at Starbucks. 🙂


#3. With Loi!

#4. Heng!

#5. Joel, the very famous one

Haha! Almost everywhere we go, someone’s calling out for Joel. 😀

Sat for a while before we decided to tour around Pyramid like tourists! LOL!

We almost went for clubbing if Loi and I weren’t in slippers. Heh.

Ended up at Republic for a drink.



Just realized the whole night was about food, food and food (or drinks). Haha!

This is really a typical kinda outing with the BFFs. No wonder we’re all growing. Horizontally, that is. 😀

I don’t Know.

8 Sep

My mood for the past two days been up and down, oh well just down mostly like never before.

What I usually do when things like these strike is I…well, I cry.

Nothing cures it better than just letting it out and telling myself, tomorrow’s going to be a brand new day!

But this time, I couldn’t. And I just choose to not let it out. I hate to cry.

And I’m glad I didn’t. Because I finally realized I can, after all get back up on my feet with mood back to normal without having to cry.

Nevertheless, it’s a wake up call. Just a reminder that sometimes life is not that simple or easy as I’ve wished for it to be.

I always, oh well used to believe being myself, in that state where I’m comfortable and happy is most important.

Nothing else matters. And there’s no point putting up a mask throughout your life because you’ll just end up being not happy.

But what good will it do, to just be yourself when being yourself is just not good enough?

When you are still not meeting expectations of those whom you care about most.

When being yourself, doing your best is never good enough for them.

No matter how hard you try to make things better, it just won’t do.

On the contrary, people whom you’ve just known for maybe a year or two seem to be more proud of you.

Should you be happy?

Should I be happy?

To know that these people I’ve just met seem to know me better than those who’ve known me all my life.

I’m not getting anywhere and I’m really not making any sense.

I don’t know what am I writing.