Of Productive Saturdays!

6 Sep

Some pictures from the PEKUMA and FEA Night committee photo shoot that I missed out on earlier.

#1. Meddy, Pei Ling, Jo Ann, Lik Sheng and I


And just last Saturday, PEKUMA got invites to the OSK Investment Tips Seminar!

#3. Seats reserved for PEKUMA

#4. Some of us who went

The seminar was really insightful to me, personally.

The speakers kept saying those were just the fundamentals but guess what, we’re not even exposed to the basics in our syllabus so it was really good!!!

#5. One of the speakers, Chris

#6. Speakers from OSK

So after the seminar, there were light refreshments and then we went around mingling with some of the OSKIC officers we got to know from earlier events and also representatives of other IPTA/IPTS.

#7. Liew, Paul, Madelyn and Jo Ann

#8. Us with Jacky, Danny, Louis and Steve

 At about 1pm-ish we moved on to Petaling Street to help prepare some stuffs for FEA Night.

We all became members of the souvenir department that day. 😀


Goof-ed around in Lik Sheng’s comfy house. 😀

#10. The attempt to really test KKL's existence. >.<


Then straight from Lik Sheng’s house off I went to Empire for dinner with Aunt Lowell!

It’s always fun to meet her and the family because of these two cuties!!!

#12. Qii Qii

#13. Hung Hung

We were treated to yummy-licious mooncakes by Xin Yi after dinner!

#14. Haagen-Dazs!

Another day productively spent! ♥

#15. This kid is ♥!!!

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