Of An Outing with the BFFs

12 Sep

I’m so addicted to the computer and Internet, I think I’ll just go crazy one day without them!

First thing I do when I wake up is to online. Immediately after breakfast I online. In between I might do some other nonsense but regardless of what I do, I’ll come back to the computer immediately.

Not sure if it’s such a bad thing after all since I do find it amusing and entertaining everytime I go online. 😀

Anyway, the BFFs plus Joel went off to Pyramid the other day, supposedly to catch the latest Resident Evil movie but much to our disappointment, it wasn’t out yet.

Headed over to dinner instead.

#1. Subway!

Lingered around for a while before the shops starting closing then we decided to stop by at Starbucks. 🙂


#3. With Loi!

#4. Heng!

#5. Joel, the very famous one

Haha! Almost everywhere we go, someone’s calling out for Joel. 😀

Sat for a while before we decided to tour around Pyramid like tourists! LOL!

We almost went for clubbing if Loi and I weren’t in slippers. Heh.

Ended up at Republic for a drink.



Just realized the whole night was about food, food and food (or drinks). Haha!

This is really a typical kinda outing with the BFFs. No wonder we’re all growing. Horizontally, that is. 😀

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