FEA Night 2010

16 Sep

It’s definitely way past normal bed time now but I am so super hyped up!

Okay, not like I have been sleeping at the normal hours but *sits up straight* THE WRITING MOJO IS HERE!

It is definitely, obviously, positively correlated (wtf?) to the fact that the FEA Night 2010’s publicity has been extra *KABOOM BOOM POW POW* all out tonight!

Posters, videos, repeated awesome articles from super cun people’s been popping up on the FB news feed since 10pm!

So how can my xinminc.wordpress.com miss out right?!

FEA Night 2010 this year (pretty obvious duh from the name 2010 =.=) is pretty different from previous years.

Not only because this year it’s going to be a lot grander (not that previous years haven’t been grand but this year it’s grand to the power of maybe 10947105871058), it’s the first year ever that it is wholly solely organized by UNDERGRADUATES!

“Chew, so what?” I hear you say?

Eh hello, when we undergraduates are the ones organizing, it is definitely COOLER AND WAY MORE FUN since we are of the same wave lengths!

We know what you guys (I think my readers consist of mostly younger people) want and do not want to see in an event like this!

What more, we’re having it at…

Hilton PJ HOTEL!!!!

Nope, it’s not IN the university and our tickets are unreasonably CHEAP!

Well, don’t expect RM10 or RM20 lah, let’s just be realistic (*cough* see previous post) you don’t get a proper event with just RM20 anymore nowadays.

Even college ones make you pay RM100 AT LEAST regardless of you wanting to go or not.

And we’re even giving out free MASKS ok! Not just some lau-chi-pek masks you get from a 5 years old birthday party, it’s really those nice masks you see grown-ups wear to dinner!

Even Zorro’s mask cannot beat our mask!

And the most ultimate reason to go is…

The Faculty of Economics haven’t had such a big event like this for many many many years already. If you still want to see more of these events, come and show your support.

Or else FEA is going to be another empty building with lecture halls for lifeless undergraduates to listen to boring lecturers.

Just the thought of that makes me seriously sad already. 😦

But oh wells, we have FEA Night 2010 and you should seriously come join us!

Okay, special offer to readers of my blog who register after reading this post.

If you’re a girl, I’ll get a drop dead gorgeous hunk to give you a stalk of rose that night, with picture of you guys taken together.

If you’re a guy, I’ll intro you to a HOT chick that night itself, get you her number and get a picture taken together. WITH DSLR!

No, I’m not talking about myself, don’t worry. I am very serious with my offer!

Just come to me with your ticket after you’ve registered and I will secretly grant you this offer if you pai seh want to leave a comment here. 😀

Details are as below!



See! Even our posters are so nice already!

Faster register with us and get your ticket! 😀

If you really want more information, who has already RSVP and stuff, go visit our FB page *click on words please 🙂 *

Hope to see you guys there! 😀

2 Responses to “FEA Night 2010”

  1. liksheng September 16, 2010 at 9:43 am #

    I’m buying one!! woahh!!

    • Xin Min September 16, 2010 at 3:08 pm #

      swt. Thank u thank u. :p

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