Little Puppies With Different Fate.

24 Sep

Just few days ago, I saw this disturbing video on FB where a few boys were torturing a poor puppy.

They were doing all sorts of nonsense to the poor thing, including hitting it with a rod, lighting up fire crackers which they earlier put into the puppy’s mouth, and more but I couldn’t bear to watch further.

Then I thought of my (not so) little puppy at home. My dear Happy. 🙂

#1. At 2 months old

My uncle brought her to our house 4 years ago supposedly just for a holiday when she was about 2 months old, but my brother and I fell in love almost immediately with this little thing we adopted it from our uncle!

She’s supposed to be a Jack Russell on her birth certificate but just recently when my dad brought her to the vet, he said she’s a mix of French Bulldog and don’t know what else.

Oh yeah, we got her from the SPCA at Ipoh so we don’t really know about her origins. Haha!

#2. At 3 years old

My dad pampers her like anything. Every time when we have dinner he would ask, “You guys didn’t cook any dishes that Happy likes? What is she going to have for dinner?”

Oh yes, my doggy doesn’t eat dog food. She usually takes rice with chicken meat or even luncheon meat at times. And if we’re eating out, we’ll ta pao chicken rice for her.

And she knows no tricks. Except this:

#3. Performing her 'stunt'

Hahaha! No lah, she wasn’t pulling any stunt nor has she got the ability to even try any, she was just sleeping so very un-lady-like-ly.

She’s definitely obese, knows no tricks and is not from a an expensive or famous breed but we love her to bits.

She’s the most adorable, manja and obedient pup I’ve ever met. And honestly, before I got her I was actually scared of dogs. 😀 Funny how she turned me into a dog lover.

I look at her and thought to myself, even doggies have such different fate. The other adorable puppy in the video was tortured to death but my fat Happy is pampered like her owner’s own child.

Sigh. Such is life.

Oh yes, did I mentioned I’m back at home again? 😀

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