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24 Oct

For some reasons, I get emotional easily over little little things that happened in the university this year.

Probably it’s my final year, so most of the time I look at the scene and try to remember every single detail from it because I know, a year from now I would be doing totally different things.

So, I was in the college basketball team again this year, for the third time to compete in the SUKMUM.

Basically in my first two years, we lost at the selection rounds but this time, we made it to the top 6!

I would say it’s an achievement most definitely and I’m really proud of my juniors. 🙂


One of the best moments caught by Louise. Thank you.

See number 15 there? She’s Lee Fui, captain and the manager of the whole team.

She’s been a wonderful captain and controls the team so well despite getting a lot of pressure from me most of the time. =p Sorry dear.

#2. Players and supporters 🙂

Not only I had a great team of players, third college’s supporters were probably one of the most enthusiastic lot throughout the competition!

There was a time I felt like I performed really bad and let the whole team down, but then someone reminded me the thing about being part of a team is not only about achieving things together, but to also make mistakes and learn from them.

At our last match, we lost but I would say it’s probably one of the best matches I played all my years in the university.

Everyone played with high spirits, despite the fact that we know we are going to lose.

Thing about Third College’s people is that we participate for the fun of participation and the whole process of going through it together. The result sometimes is just bonus to us.

I’m really glad I decided to join at the very last minutes.

Thank you again, my dear juniors. ♥

Fitting In

16 Oct

Alright, another random post from me because this thought just came to me a moment ago while I accompanied my sister to shopping.

When they say things like, “Beauty in the eyes of the beholder”, “Inner beauty that matters” and stuff, do they really apply in reality? Or come on, those are just words of encouragement for the less attractive?

When I say less attractive, I am talking about bigger girls because as stereotype as this sounds, people (guys) tend to conclude big (fat) girls are fugly. While thin ones, hmmm they tend to be easier on the eyes. 😉

A friend of a friend of my sister, Xin Yi apparently got rejected at a job interview because of her weight.

The interviewer apparently said, “Your figure only shows how lack of disciplined you are so we are not going to hire you”

Come on, what the hell is wrong with them? Can’t fat people be productive workers? Are you trying to say only thin ones are going to increase your firm’s productivity?

We have totally BIG (like literally) names in the Western countries like Queen Latifah,

#1. Queen Latifah

and of course, Oprah Winfrey who also has a BIG (not literally) heart!

#2. Oprah Winfrey

So why are they accepted with open arms by the society in the Western but not in Malaysia, or any other Asian countries?

Oh well, not that I know of. I’m just generalizing all other Asian countries because we have all the cute small petite stars from Japan and Korea but never have I heard of a plus-sized girl band.

I personally think it could be because the guys here in Asian countries are generally smaller sized than Western ones so you know, it’s against the NORM to have a BIG girl dating a small guy.

Yes, it all comes back to the norm – what is considered right in a society.

Perhaps it’s because most girls in Asian countries are smaller in size so they see it as a norm to have small girls and big girls, OMG THEY ARE SCARY AND WEIRD! ALIEN!!!

Pfftt, what is exactly a norm? According to, it’s defined as
‘A standard, model, or pattern regarded as typical’

Well, Asian girls are supposed to be smaller so big girls, are you supposed to cut off those weights just to fit in?

Sadly, yes. Haha!

I won’t deny that I am bigger in size than an average Asian girl is supposed to be.

I used to always think,
“Heck! I live to eat, not eat to live. So I shall eat whatever I feel like eating! Life’s too short to be filled with all the miseries of not getting to fulfill your cravings.”

What about the carbs, fats and everything else?

Well, I used to think,
“Screw them! I am only going to be attractive if I am comfortable with the way I’m living, eating what I want.”

But unfortunately, I grew up only to find myself wrong. So I am taking oats for dinner, if I manage to persuade myself every night

You just have to do something about it to fit in. Just being yourself is simply too naive and unrealistic. You have to look like the norm only will people start taking you as a part of the society seriously.

Otherwise you are going to be the laughing stock of the lot (well, I still am the joke of the gang) but hey, lose the weight then they will stop.

I am coming clean about this because truthfully, if you are bigger than the rest and it’s because you are eating based on your impulse, you have to do something about it.

No such thing as people accepting you for who you are (I’m talking about a guy girl thing here). Oh well, not in general. There might just be some rare species out there going for girls totally based on inner beauty but that’s simply TOO rare!

I mean, not many are willing to share a bed with someone BIG right? And let her take up more than half of the bed then you don’t even have space to turn anymore?

So yeah, how unfortunate but the truth is big girls you are just not that attractive in Malaysia.

Cut down on those fast food (my Spicy Chicken McDeluxe *sobsob), carbonated drinks (COKE!!), anything preserved (oh assam~), and carbs! (what am I going to do without Maggie Mee? Doughnuts??)

Take more of oats, vegetables, fruits and plain water.

Then go for a jog!

You’ll be surprised how people will start commenting on you looking prettier in just few weeks.

But remember to do it the healthy way! 😉

Makan Session at Madam Yew’s

16 Oct

Just got back from the lecturer who taught me Macroeconomics 2 and was constantly there to guide us throughout the preparation of FEA Night – Madam Yew’s house!

She is such a dear to invite us all over for a small makan session, sort of like a celebration for the success of FEA Night.

Most of the committees went and so we actually rented a bus to take us all there!

#1. Hello!

It was so much fun despite the hot weather and bad traffic out there.

#2. The common Friday evening traffic on Federal Highway

I was seating with a (not so) new friend, a junior – Kok Wan.

#3. Kok Wan & I

Well, technically he accompanied me after Pei Ling nicely ditched me again. Haha! But oh wells, all is good because we didn’t exactly remain seated in the bus. 😀

Pei Ling, Jo Ann, Kok Wan and I had a pretty good conversation all the way to Madam Yew’s house at Glenmarie Court.

First thing that greeted us was the HUGE houses there then even better, at Madam Yew’s we were welcomed with these…

#4. *drools

#5. Sushis!!!

#6. Green vege!!!

#7. Fried yam!!!

#8. *I don't know what!

Okay fine, Madam’s a vegetarian so we had catered vegetarian food so there were a lot of yummies there just now that I don’t know what is it supposed to be.


But really, they were all GOOOOOOOODDD!!! ♥




After dinner, we had some good chats with the lecturers, juniors and friends from the faculty!

And of course, in between them we camwhored a bit. =p



Well, just a bit you see because you can’t really snap around with lecturers talking in front of you. Haha.

And then we left at around 11pm.


Everything was just laid back and simple but really, I like it like that. 😉

And the best part was actually on our way back, the bus driver was playing some emo love songs again so we sang along to it!

Everything was just so hilarious in an embarrassing way but hey, that’s the best part about being around friends right? 🙂


FEA Night 2010

14 Oct

FEA Night 2010 was more than a success in terms of the way things went that night, the behind the scenes annoying, happy, sad, meletup moments are definitely fond memories.

#1. Us with representatives from OSK Investment Bank

I’m glad to have stepped out of the university social circle and got to know some working adults friends. 🙂

#2. Us four

I’m most grateful to have worked with you three and went through all those ups and downs with you guys, as well as the UT bunch.

Things would have been disastrous without any of you girls and guys to hear me out when I’m whining and complaining when the critical moments hit (as usual).


And yes! We made it!

We proved those who said we were not going to make it wrong, and proved our capabilities; undergraduates of Faculty of Economics and Administration’s capabilities!

And it’s feedbacks like these that drive our spirits higher – to achieve miracles.

Dear Kim Leng (Acting Dean of my Faculty),

I must say a big ‘Thank you!’ for inviting me to the recent FEA Night.
I enjoyed it tremendously, as did the rest of the table, and from what we could gather by talking to others–those who attended.

We were so impressed by the fact that the event was entirely organized by FEA students. I have not seen this for too long at the FEA, or for that matter, at UM. The quality of organization was exceedingly high–from small details like a rose for the ladies at the end of the evening; to really the meaning of such a gathering. Speeches kept short and to the point; special attention to those who have just graduated; good food; and student participation from a humorous MC to music to event management.

The energy created was marvellous. I was moved most of all by the sense of camaraderie among the organization committee members of all races — our old ‘leaders’ could learn something from your young people. It was also very clear that you and the FEA staff are proud of your students, and have shown a close and caring attitude to their endeavours. You can be proud of the leadership and mentoring at FEA. It is not surprising that such a wonderful event was realized. It augurs well for the future of the students, and we can only hope that this can be carried to their future in service to the nation.

It was an inspirational evening for me. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this experience. Of late, much of university development has been a disappointment to those old guards who lived through happier times.
FEA Night 2010 provided me with a ray of hope that FEA can infuse a better sense into our students to prepare them for the real life that awaits them.

Syabas: to you and your staff; and to the students who have emerged under your tutelage!

With best wishes

Siew Mun
(alumni, Ex-Chief Librarian of UM, current EXCO of MEA)

Behind the Scenes of the Big Night.

12 Oct

A bunch of close friends and I have been talking about FEA Night a lot since last month or so.

Main reason is obviously because most of us are sort of like the higher committees and we really put in a lot of effort to do everything which includes…


Putting up banners…


Taking care of the registration counters almost everyday for the past week…


Taking orders for roses…


And then packing all 180 of them…


Drawing and cutting all those little little details for decoration sake…


And then putting them up…


Getting all the other decoration things ready (in this case is to blow almost 100 balloons)..


And then putting them up to the arch…

(p.s: Model in picture not included)



Designing all the welcome cards and booklets…


Registration and all other paper works that were involved…




And of course, getting and even preparing gifts for the big night.

There were other things that were involved obviously but pictures just won’t catch those moments like fretting over which hotel to go to, planning the budget, inviting VIPs, begging asking people to go and more.

Nevertheless, all our hard work are paid off when people come to us with a pat on the back and said, “Good job!”

Those two magic words seem to just wash all our tiredness, pain and annoyance away. 🙂

To those of you who have lifted a helping hand to make FEA Night a success as it turned out to be, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The few of us may be involved with a lot of work but the night wouldn’t have turn out the way it did without the support from you guys.

You know who you are. So thank you. 😉


CC Trip 2010!

11 Oct

So, few weekends ago the Chinese Society in my college had it’s annual CC Trip and this time around, it was at Port Dickson!

I had my Micro mid term that evening so I departed with a later bus.


#1. The others who went with the night bus


The whole time in the bus I was just staring out the window with earphones plugged into both of my ears.

The juniors were talking and laughing but I was just too tired to join them. I needed some time to just rest after one whole week of mid terms and chaotic problems over FEA Night.

Luckily as soon as I reached, I went hyper and got into group 8 with 10 other hyper people!


#2. Group 8!


Okay lah, they don’t look hyper here but that’s because we were listening to the briefings by the facilitator!

The theme this time is Back to the Past, where the organizers aim to bring us back to our childhood where we had no assignments to worry about, no tests to fret about, where we just play and go crazy!

So every team got to pick a cartoon character as their team’s name and mine was SAILORMOON! 😀

The other team names include Shin Chan, Pikachu, Mickey Mouse, Popeye and even Karmen Rider!!!


#3. Shin Chan doing their cheers



#4. Karmen Rider



#5. Pikachu doing their thing



#6. POPEYE! (Check out Louise and Wai Kin :D)


Basically the first night was about ice-breaking and stuff then we later went back to our rooms and did our stuffs!


#7. Heart attack!


Played some card games, shared some heart-to-heart talks with juniors and seniors then got myself some quality sleep. 🙂

The next day, we had breakfast first thing in the morning because that morning, we’re supposed to do Station Games!


#8. Louise enjoying her cup of tea!



#9. Mandy & I


After breakkie, we went on to do some of our random stuffs as usual. 🙂


#10. Louise and Elen



#11. Them two again.


My roomies are just…well, random in their ways but they’re serious fun! 😀


#12. Louise, Elen, Moon and I



#13. With Khai Ling & Yong Soon


Haha! We were all posing to our team’s theme – Sailormoon!

Not long after that we went for Station Games and I didn’t bring the camera along as we were going to play with flour, water and other nonsense. 🙂

But I do have pictures of the two who kena-ed the most from the games!


#14. Kin How



#15. Louise


Ha! Why am I not surprised my room mate is the one who’s going to get most! Haha. For those of you who don’t know her, she’s just seriously very mischievious regardless to strangers or friends so I’m so not surprised when I saw her. 😀

Okay, there were many more activities but I really don’t want to bore you guys since you won’t get it either so I’ll just post some of my favourite pictures up! 🙂


#16. The infamous Gay Band. 🙂



#17. With Jimmy, Joshua, Stephen and Wei Lun


Best part about CC Trip is seeing all these graduated seniors still coming back to join us. It’s only then you’ll realize time really flies.


#18. Sue Hwee, Yi Woon, myself and Suk Eang


But it’s also a good thing that you get to meet another bunch of wonderful people after each new intake. 🙂


#19. Khai Ling


Never before in my three years has anyone asked me if I’m okay since I don’t understand Chinese writings. She’s the first! I was really really touched! *sobs


#20. Ming Lian, Mei Wei, myself, Bao Di & Pak Koon


It’s because of the many lame yet effective activities done by CC that brought us all closer.

The above picture actually shows a chain of Doraemon and Nobita – an effort from the CC committees to enhance better interaction among us. Sort of like a mysterious pen-pal thing but only more fun!

For the first time in my three years I have a Doraemon (the one who’s supposedly to be your secret guardian angel) and a caring Nobita! My Nobita even sent me some blueberry tea bags but they were all stolen by some immoral bastards.

Nevertheless, it’s the thoughts that count! And she’s just so adorable! 😀


#21. Jin Long family!


Then there’s my ‘family’ in college.

We are all divided into smaller groups or we call it as family and we take things very seriously.

I’m in my third year so I’m known as their grandmother while the first years are obviously kids! So we all have ranks and stuff and a few of my juniors really call me ‘Ah Ma’! It’s a very different way to bond but like I said, it’s effective!


#22. The trademark!


Not forgetting my dear girls.

They’ve always been there for me regardless of what happened. They saw me in my worst attire and laughed over all nonsense together.

Most importantly, they were not only sharing laughters with me but they accompanied me through the nights where I broke down into tears, gently brushing my hair and offering me tissues.

At one moment during the trip, they played the theme song titled ‘You + Me = Us’. A song about the life in college and stuff.

I really felt the lyrics of the song though it was all in Chinese. And I actually cried. Obviously I didn’t cry like ‘Wuwuwu~”, there were just tears in my eyes but really, I will miss them after we’ve all completed our degrees.

Sigh. All in all, this year’s CC Trip was nothing but absolutely FUN!

I laughed my head off, I shed tears and my muscles were aching yet I think this is perhaps the best among the three I’ve attended.

And probably the last I’d ever join again.

I Will Be Back!

9 Oct

I have many many blog posts pending.

CC Trip, random happenings around college/university and FEA Night!

But I’ve been busy, really busy.

So I will update but not sure when.

I will! Just wait ok.

Till then, take care! 🙂