CC Trip 2010!

11 Oct

So, few weekends ago the Chinese Society in my college had it’s annual CC Trip and this time around, it was at Port Dickson!

I had my Micro mid term that evening so I departed with a later bus.


#1. The others who went with the night bus


The whole time in the bus I was just staring out the window with earphones plugged into both of my ears.

The juniors were talking and laughing but I was just too tired to join them. I needed some time to just rest after one whole week of mid terms and chaotic problems over FEA Night.

Luckily as soon as I reached, I went hyper and got into group 8 with 10 other hyper people!


#2. Group 8!


Okay lah, they don’t look hyper here but that’s because we were listening to the briefings by the facilitator!

The theme this time is Back to the Past, where the organizers aim to bring us back to our childhood where we had no assignments to worry about, no tests to fret about, where we just play and go crazy!

So every team got to pick a cartoon character as their team’s name and mine was SAILORMOON! 😀

The other team names include Shin Chan, Pikachu, Mickey Mouse, Popeye and even Karmen Rider!!!


#3. Shin Chan doing their cheers



#4. Karmen Rider



#5. Pikachu doing their thing



#6. POPEYE! (Check out Louise and Wai Kin :D)


Basically the first night was about ice-breaking and stuff then we later went back to our rooms and did our stuffs!


#7. Heart attack!


Played some card games, shared some heart-to-heart talks with juniors and seniors then got myself some quality sleep. 🙂

The next day, we had breakfast first thing in the morning because that morning, we’re supposed to do Station Games!


#8. Louise enjoying her cup of tea!



#9. Mandy & I


After breakkie, we went on to do some of our random stuffs as usual. 🙂


#10. Louise and Elen



#11. Them two again.


My roomies are just…well, random in their ways but they’re serious fun! 😀


#12. Louise, Elen, Moon and I



#13. With Khai Ling & Yong Soon


Haha! We were all posing to our team’s theme – Sailormoon!

Not long after that we went for Station Games and I didn’t bring the camera along as we were going to play with flour, water and other nonsense. 🙂

But I do have pictures of the two who kena-ed the most from the games!


#14. Kin How



#15. Louise


Ha! Why am I not surprised my room mate is the one who’s going to get most! Haha. For those of you who don’t know her, she’s just seriously very mischievious regardless to strangers or friends so I’m so not surprised when I saw her. 😀

Okay, there were many more activities but I really don’t want to bore you guys since you won’t get it either so I’ll just post some of my favourite pictures up! 🙂


#16. The infamous Gay Band. 🙂



#17. With Jimmy, Joshua, Stephen and Wei Lun


Best part about CC Trip is seeing all these graduated seniors still coming back to join us. It’s only then you’ll realize time really flies.


#18. Sue Hwee, Yi Woon, myself and Suk Eang


But it’s also a good thing that you get to meet another bunch of wonderful people after each new intake. 🙂


#19. Khai Ling


Never before in my three years has anyone asked me if I’m okay since I don’t understand Chinese writings. She’s the first! I was really really touched! *sobs


#20. Ming Lian, Mei Wei, myself, Bao Di & Pak Koon


It’s because of the many lame yet effective activities done by CC that brought us all closer.

The above picture actually shows a chain of Doraemon and Nobita – an effort from the CC committees to enhance better interaction among us. Sort of like a mysterious pen-pal thing but only more fun!

For the first time in my three years I have a Doraemon (the one who’s supposedly to be your secret guardian angel) and a caring Nobita! My Nobita even sent me some blueberry tea bags but they were all stolen by some immoral bastards.

Nevertheless, it’s the thoughts that count! And she’s just so adorable! 😀


#21. Jin Long family!


Then there’s my ‘family’ in college.

We are all divided into smaller groups or we call it as family and we take things very seriously.

I’m in my third year so I’m known as their grandmother while the first years are obviously kids! So we all have ranks and stuff and a few of my juniors really call me ‘Ah Ma’! It’s a very different way to bond but like I said, it’s effective!


#22. The trademark!


Not forgetting my dear girls.

They’ve always been there for me regardless of what happened. They saw me in my worst attire and laughed over all nonsense together.

Most importantly, they were not only sharing laughters with me but they accompanied me through the nights where I broke down into tears, gently brushing my hair and offering me tissues.

At one moment during the trip, they played the theme song titled ‘You + Me = Us’. A song about the life in college and stuff.

I really felt the lyrics of the song though it was all in Chinese. And I actually cried. Obviously I didn’t cry like ‘Wuwuwu~”, there were just tears in my eyes but really, I will miss them after we’ve all completed our degrees.

Sigh. All in all, this year’s CC Trip was nothing but absolutely FUN!

I laughed my head off, I shed tears and my muscles were aching yet I think this is perhaps the best among the three I’ve attended.

And probably the last I’d ever join again.

2 Responses to “CC Trip 2010!”

  1. Belle October 13, 2010 at 12:05 am #

    😥 you made me wished i’d change my decision… sigh…

    anyways, glad to know that all your people had fun! 🙂

    btw, mandy looked soo different in her pic with you.. haha

    • Xin Min October 16, 2010 at 9:11 am #

      Belle! We wished u were there with us too! This CC Trip was a lot more fun!! 🙂 Probably because the year before I was sort of like the committee. Anyways, Mandy always bluffs people in pictures. Haha!

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