FEA Night 2010

14 Oct

FEA Night 2010 was more than a success in terms of the way things went that night, the behind the scenes annoying, happy, sad, meletup moments are definitely fond memories.

#1. Us with representatives from OSK Investment Bank

I’m glad to have stepped out of the university social circle and got to know some working adults friends. šŸ™‚

#2. Us four

I’m most grateful to have worked with you three and went through all those ups and downs with you guys, as well as the UT bunch.

Things would have been disastrous without any of you girls and guys to hear me out when I’m whining and complaining when the critical moments hit (as usual).


And yes! We made it!

We proved those who said we were not going to make it wrong, and proved our capabilities; undergraduates of Faculty of Economics and Administration’s capabilities!

And it’s feedbacks like these that drive our spirits higher – to achieve miracles.

Dear Kim Leng (Acting Dean of my Faculty),

I must say a big ‘Thank you!’ for inviting me to the recent FEA Night.
I enjoyed it tremendously, as did the rest of the table, and from what we could gather by talking to others–those who attended.

We were so impressed by the fact that the event was entirely organized by FEA students. I have not seen this for too long at the FEA, or for that matter, at UM. The quality of organization was exceedingly high–from small details like a rose for the ladies at the end of the evening; to really the meaning of such a gathering. Speeches kept short and to the point; special attention to those who have just graduated; good food; and student participation from a humorous MC to music to event management.

The energy created was marvellous. I was moved most of all by the sense of camaraderie among the organization committee members of all races — our old ‘leaders’ could learn something from your young people. It was also very clear that you and the FEA staff are proud of your students, and have shown a close and caring attitude to their endeavours. You can be proud of the leadership and mentoring at FEA. It is not surprising that such a wonderful event was realized. It augurs well for the future of the students, and we can only hope that this can be carried to their future in service to the nation.

It was an inspirational evening for me. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this experience. Of late, much of university development has been a disappointment to those old guards who lived through happier times.
FEA Night 2010 provided me with a ray of hope that FEA can infuse a better sense into our students to prepare them for the real life that awaits them.

Syabas: to you and your staff; and to the students who have emerged under your tutelage!

With best wishes

Siew Mun
(alumni, Ex-Chief Librarian of UM, current EXCO of MEA)

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