Makan Session at Madam Yew’s

16 Oct

Just got back from the lecturer who taught me Macroeconomics 2 and was constantly there to guide us throughout the preparation of FEA Night – Madam Yew’s house!

She is such a dear to invite us all over for a small makan session, sort of like a celebration for the success of FEA Night. β™₯

Most of the committees went and so we actually rented a bus to take us all there!

#1. Hello!

It was so much fun despite the hot weather and bad traffic out there.

#2. The common Friday evening traffic on Federal Highway

I was seating with a (not so) new friend, a junior – Kok Wan.

#3. Kok Wan & I

Well, technically he accompanied me after Pei Ling nicely ditched me again. Haha! But oh wells, all is good because we didn’t exactly remain seated in the bus. πŸ˜€

Pei Ling, Jo Ann, Kok Wan and I had a pretty good conversation all the way to Madam Yew’s house at Glenmarie Court.

First thing that greeted us was the HUGE houses there then even better, at Madam Yew’s we were welcomed with these…

#4. *drools

#5. Sushis!!!

#6. Green vege!!!

#7. Fried yam!!!

#8. *I don't know what!

Okay fine, Madam’s a vegetarian so we had catered vegetarian food so there were a lot of yummies there just now that I don’t know what is it supposed to be.


But really, they were all GOOOOOOOODDD!!! β™₯




After dinner, we had some good chats with the lecturers, juniors and friends from the faculty!

And of course, in between them we camwhored a bit. =p



Well, just a bit you see because you can’t really snap around with lecturers talking in front of you. Haha.

And then we left at around 11pm.


Everything was just laid back and simple but really, I like it like that. πŸ˜‰

And the best part was actually on our way back, the bus driver was playing some emo love songs again so we sang along to it!

Everything was just so hilarious in an embarrassing way but hey, that’s the best part about being around friends right? πŸ™‚


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