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So Long, Cass!

3 Oct


It’s not always that you get to still be good friends with people you know since kids.

Cass is one of the very few friends I know since like what, Standard 3 that I still keep in touch regularly, especially now that she’s actually dating my neighbour!

Back then when we were still in primary school, we used to play “Ice and Fire” everyday before school starts and during recess. Yes, about 15 of us just throw our bags into one corner then we start running till the bell rings. 😀

At just 9 years old, we were already having crushes and dramas that involve nasi lemak and a broom stick. Lol!

But at that time, Cass is already the one trying to break up a fight, the one with the purest heart, ready to help anyone at anytime.

I had to transfer schools in Standard 4 so I didn’t see Cass until we went to the same secondary school again, and were even in the same class!

Then on, we kept in touch despite all the dramas in between. Haha! It’s just so funny to look back at those good ol’ days now, Cass!! 😉

Nevertheless, I’m glad after everytime we have to separate from each other, somehow we will bump into each other again.

Like after the different primary schools, we got in the same secondary school up until form 6. Then after form 6, you hooked up with my neighbour!

I’m glad to have known you for more than a decade and I’m really grateful that you are still so motherly after all the different phases in life; punk rocker chic, baller with killer sharp bracelets, liquid paper/permanent marker as nail polish, stapler bullet as ear rings, the infamous SLUT, our tau sar peah moments in the Red Saga, MYC, form 6 Biology nerd, and now a lawyer in the making.

I’m really proud of you, my dear Cass and I really appreciate you being there for me whenever I need you.

Always so patient and tolerant. Always giving into the rest of us. Always asking if we’re okay.

I’m going to miss you and please remember to take the goodest care of yourself in Reading ok!

p.s: Remember to come back with ‘something’ made in UK!!! 😉

Take care love, and do keep in touch! ♥♥♥

When Forecasting Just Isn’t That Accurate.

1 Oct

I’ve always believed in planning ahead because to me, knowing what is going to happen, expecting it is better than not seeing it coming then let it hit you hard, whether it’s a good or bad news.

Time Series is one subject on forecasting the values of a given data and stuff and I thought I should enjoy the subject.

But heck, I completely don’t understand the logic behind the facts they teach at all!

And it just doesn’t make sense to me, knowing there are errors bound to happen, difference will occur with the values you forecasted and the actual ones – SO WHY THE HELL FORECAST IN THE FIRST PLACE?!

It’s like you know there’s a pile of shit there and you know by walking forward you will somehow step on it but you proceed walking anyway.

Perhaps my brain’s capacity is just so miserably limited that it refuses to memorize facts; I usually study by understanding the concepts.

So yes, I completely screwed up my Time Series mid term and the other assignments.

Out of 25% of the mid term, I scored a miserable figure of less than the amount of fingers a normal person has on ONE hand! *faints

I am of course so totally ashamed of myself. Then Uncle and Aunty Choong’s faces popped in.

They’re disappointed, but as usual my parents don’t give much pressure to us when it comes to studies. The reply I always dread to hear, “So how? Nothing you can do now right?” came to me when I called Aunty Choong to tell her the awful news.

Why oh why I cannot do the one thing I should be doing right, right?

I select ‘student’ as my occupation when filling in forms so the only thing I should be concern about is my studies!

Perhaps trying to always expect, FORECAST what’s going to happen just doesn’t work for me.

I should’ve known earlier. I was never good in decision-making. I always think I am doing the right thing, choosing the right path, only to regret much later.

No point crying over spilt milk but how do you tell yourself things are going to be fine when deep down you know you’re not.

Okay, I’m going off topic now from Time Series but I somehow find comfort letting it with words. Must be the Mid Term crisis giving me all the mood swings.

Thank God tomorrow’s Friday and my disastrous week is coming to an end.