Girly Way to Celebrate Freedom!

13 Dec

I’m done, I’m done!!!

Things didn’t go as well as I thought with my last paper (Monetary Economics I) but screw it, what’s done is done so I moved on and adjourned to the long ago planned movie marathon with the girls!

#1. Rapunzel, A Tangled Tale

I watched Rapunzel again and also…

#2. The Social Network

Well, yeah just two movies but considering the fact that we’ve stayed up to study for the morning paper two were enough to exhaust us.

In between the movies, we roamed around the empty Tropicana City Mall.

There weren’t really a lot of interesting shops there but we did have some fun in Toys R Us. 😀

#3. The 'Sayang' 🙂

#4. Our favourite Maid! 🙂

Definitely a day well spent before I headed home with my sisters the next day.

Oh well, with XinYi it’s impossible to head straight home. So we ended up at Mid Valley for lunch. The concourse area in Mid Valley is fully decorated with Christmas decorations as well so I took Fei over to take a few shots. 🙂





Found the best place to camwhore! The escalator to The Garden’s carpark’s got really good lights! 😀

Xin Yi’s outing didn’t just end at The Garden’s/Mid Valley. We headed to Lisa’s place @The Nails’ Sanctuary at Taipan to pamper ourselves somemore!

#9. XinYi getting her pedicure done

I got mine done too! But I’m saving the picture of it for my next post cause I purposely chose this particular nail art to match my new slippers! 😀

And yeah, if any of you girls are looking for a place to do manicure, pedicure, massage, facial, waxing etc etc I highly recommend Nails’ Sanctuary! It’s above 7-Eleven at Taipan USJ! Really really reasonable prices and they really use everything from OPI! 😀

So that pretty much wrapped my girly outing. Come back soon okay cause I’ve got updates about my holidays at Langkawi!!

2 Responses to “Girly Way to Celebrate Freedom!”

  1. xinfeichiley at 9:26 am #

    lucky don have itu other pic at lisa’s
    …. ke ke ke….

    • Xin Min at 5:25 pm #

      U mau ka itu pic? 😀

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