Langkawi Day 1

13 Dec

Mom planned for a family weekend holiday right after my exams at Langkawi!

It’s been a long time since the whole family had a real holiday like this so we were all very very excited!

#1. Uncle Choong!

We’ve decided to save the trouble getting a cab to transport all six of us to the LCCT so Uncle Choong drove instead! We left home really early but strangely, none of us slept in the car.

Probably because we were really excited and there weren’t much space. All four of us had to cram at the back of the car. Gone were those days when we were younger and could play at the back of the car together. We could barely even move a muscle now. =.=



Haha okay lah, exaggerated there. We could still do a few camwhore shots in the car. 😀

Stopped by at one of those R&R for breakfast then we reached LCCT! 🙂


#5. Trio at waiting hall

These three jokers pulled such poses when I told them to pretend this is a candid shot. Haha!


I was telling Fei to get ready for a shot when I give her the signal so this photo was taken like within seconds but yet, I still got scolded by the fella there. =.=


Boarded at last, and flew up into the blue blue sky. Weather in KL was seriously good but when we reached Langkawi it was raining heavily.

Good thing our plan for the day was mostly indoors so we didn’t bother much about the weather. 🙂

So after meeting up with a relative’s business partner, we got the car and headed straight to the Century Suria Service Apartment in Kuah Town to check in.

Mom booked everything online so we were still doubtful about the place. Especially after we saw the building from the road side, my brother and I were preparing ourselves for the worst. :-s

Boy, were we surprised when we unlocked the doors!

#8. The master bedroom parents took

#9. The middle room I shared with the brother

*ehem* Please excuse the mess on our bed. Haha both my brother and I changed into more comfortable clothes as soon as we reached!

#10. Fei posing happily at her room

They had two bathrooms, a kitchen well-equipped with fridge and stove as well as a dining table!



Well, we didn’t exactly plan much for the day so we randomly made our pick for a nearby kopitiam for lunch then we went to the Perdana Gallery. The place where they kept all the awards, souvenirs and gifts people gave to our former PM, Tun Dr Mahathir.


And I’ve only got one shot from that place cause I was too stingy to pay RM2 to use my camera inside the gallery. Seriously a waste cause they had really nice things, there was even a horse carriage!!!

So anyways, it was still drizzling after all that visiting at the gallery so we headed back to the apartment. Dad decided to rest while the rest of us accompanied Fei to take a dip at the pool. 🙂


#15. Us, the on-lookers 🙂


Yes, this is the pedicure I did earlier at Lisa’s place! I really like how it matches my new flip flops with the Christmas theme! 😀


Headed to Chenang Beach to see see before dinner.


Going to stop here first cause I realized it’s getting kinda lengthy. :p And the brother is bugging me for the computer so I will be back for updates on the next two days! 😀

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