Langkawi Day 2

17 Dec

As promised, Day 2! 🙂

So the day started real early with us having complimentary breakfast at the apartment’s lobby. It’s the buffet style but nothing really fancy, really. It was a bit too heavy for our liking, they served mee goreng, kuey teow goreng, and stuff.

We headed up north (I think) to the Oriental Village for the cable car ride. It was drizzling all morning so we were just trying our luck to see if the cable car is operating.

After a few wrong turns and a beautiful stretch of seaside scenery, we finally reached the Oriental Village. 🙂

#1. Aunty & Uncle Choong

Pa must have been really excited that day because he requested for pictures to be taken! I must be repeating myself as I say this but my dad is really against the camera for unknown reasons!


Just look at the sky. Sigh! It was still raining and the cable car won’t operate even with a single drop from the sky!


So we resorted to other entertainments.


Yes, like posing at the main entrance to prove that we’ve actually been there, just not the top of the whole thing. 😉

And of course, we ventured around the Oriental Village. There were rows and rows of souvenir shops, cafeterias and even an animal farm so we look see look see for a bit.

#5. Good times!

The two younger siblings and I decided to head to the animal farm in spite of the drizzle. So we dragged Mom along and bought us some food to feed the deers and rabbits. As usual, Boy insisted on going first so he fed the deer as I took this.

#6. Fei, Mom & Boy with the deers

Boy’s look is seriously priceless here! 😀

The deers were so hungry they were rushing to eat from Boy’s hands and he didn’t expect it to be so ticklish. The deers ate faster than Boy could pour out from the package and they ended up eating the plastic as well! :s We sure hope it’s okay. My brother was feeling guilty the whole day.


It was still raining at about noon. Sigh. We were just keeping our fingers crossed for the Mangrove tour. Hopefully we’ll be able to make it.

Rain, rain go away!

Oh well, no pictures of me yet ey? :p

#8. Co-pilot-ed throughout the trip!

After lunch, thankfully the Mangrove Tour fella, Ali confirmed that we could still go on with the tour so we headed up to Tanjung Rhu!



First stop was the eagle-feeding. Quite an experience because we usually see just one or two eagles but at that time, there were at least twenty or so. And they were just flying around our boat!


#12. Eagles at the boat next to us

After the eagle feeding, we moved onto the next destination, the Crocodile Cave.


Well basically, the Crocodile Cave has no crocodile at all though apparently it used to have quite a lot, which explains the name. I was actually hoping there will be crocodiles just by the side of our boats somemore. Hahaa!

#14. Heading towards Crocodile Cave

#15. Entering Crocodile Cave

We were kind of disappointed when we realized Crocodile Cave was merely a pathway-like thingy for us to move onto the other side of the mangrove. See the hole there? We went in, then came out in about 3minutes or so. 😀

Headed to the Bats’ Cave next and this, I was really looking forward to!


#17. Bats!

If you look close enough you’ll actually see them all at the wall. The cave was kinda disgusting cause it had that weird pungent smell and the bats were obviously creepy! So we didn’t stay that long and left as soon as we’ve seen what we are supposed to see. 😀

Headed to the fish farm then and I got to feed the sting ray with my bare hands!!! No pictures of me feeding the sting ray because I volunteered immediately and the camera was still with me. I didn’t want to go for a second time as well because it stung a little when the sting ray fed on the fish from my hands. I snapped a picture of the sting ray though!

#18. Mimi the sting ray!

We did a little sea tour then and it was pretty fun in a way because we were on the speed boat without life jackets and it was going real fast, then when it hit the waters, oh well you know how it’s like with the jet ski? My brain is too lazy to find words to describe it now. Haha!

We got back then and still not satisfied, the siblings and Mom left Dad at the apartment then went to Chenang Beach to do some sea activities. Yup! Activities like banana boat and PARASAILING! 😀


This is serious fun though mine didn’t turn out that successful and I ended up in the water! Got the parents nagged up until today but it’s all worth for the adrenaline rush and of course, I was saved by a leng chai ang moh! 😀

We called it a day after that and had dinner, again at some random coffee shop by the roadside. Visited the night market then we decided to get back to the apartment for some good rest after the adventurous day. Well, at least for me! 🙂

4 Responses to “Langkawi Day 2”

  1. jozefin December 17, 2010 at 2:37 pm #

    The weird pungent smell in the caves is bat’s poo!

    • Xin Min December 22, 2010 at 1:22 pm #

      LOL! There must have been quite a number of poo there then! 😀

  2. anaklangkawi January 6, 2011 at 11:42 am #

    I’ve put a link to your blog.
    Hope u have a great time in Langkawi even though its raining.

    • Xin Min January 7, 2011 at 11:54 pm #

      Thanks. 😉

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