Eating Spree At Ipoh!

27 Dec

Holidays this semester have been real productive! Just after the Langkawi trip, the same lot minus XinYi headed up to Genting Highlands cause the parents bought tickets to watch veteran singer Jenny’s last concert.

Then after that, the girls – Jo Ann & Pei Ling came over for a mini slumber party at my place. We did a bit of economy boosting (in simpler non-economics term that’s shopping) but the sleepover was mainly occupied with gossips. 😀 Well, we do what we do best after all!

The next morning, we headed to KL Central to catch our train to head up north! To Ipoh! Liew and Vincent came with us too!

Clare was our tour guide and we went to the famous ‘Tai Shu Keok’ after unloading our luggages at my uncle’s place. 


 This is a must-visit place in Ipoh if you’re there for a food trip, like us!

This place serves really nice fried sengkuang!Everytime the family and I go back to Ipoh, we will stock up loads of fried sengkuang to be eaten in the car and home! It’s just too yummy to be resisted and so far I haven’t seen any of these in Subang or KL.

#2. Yummy fried sengkuang!

#3. Liew! 😀

Liew was having this Iced Red Bean as well and another thing about Ipoh that I realized is they serve quite a variety of beverages. Maybe I’m not that much exposed to KL/Subang food but as far as I know, we don’t have Iced Red Bean like that! Even if we do have them here, I’m definitely sure they don’t serve it as the same rate as Ipoh. 🙂

We had a really satisfying lunch with awesome fried sengkuangs and the best part is when we split the bill, each of us had to pay RM3 only! We all had a bowl of noodles each and a variety of ‘snacks’ at the middle and we paid for RM3 only! 😀

After lunch, we headed to Kek Look Tong for some sight-seeing.

#4. The two darlings!

It’s quite a beautiful place with the sculptures and all placed inside a cave. Too bad I felt a little awkward acting like a tourist, snapping shots after shots around Ipoh since it’s actually my hometown and I come back everytime there’s a festival. So yeah, in the end I didn’t take much pictures.

Nevertheless, I captured what needs to be captured! Like this picture of a sculpture at Kek Look Tong,


It’s really random but this reminded us of Lik Sheng since Pei Ling calls him shit. Haha!

So after Kek Look Tong, we headed to have some desserts!


#7. Tau foo fah!

Funny Mountain’s tau foo fah is super nice! And one bowl is only RM0.80! o.O Do you still get anything in a bowl for that price? And it’s actually really smooth and nice! Strangely, all my 22 years going back Ipoh at least 3 times a year I have never been there. 😀

And when I got back, the parents were telling me they use to have their dating moments there and one bowl only costs RM0.10 back then! Okay, that was at least 25 years ago, so 10cents per bowl is reasonable. 🙂

Our eating spree didn’t just stop at Funny Moutain. We headed to some coffee shop near the ‘suicidal building’ (as according to our tour guide) for some Ipoh White Coffee!!!


Seriously good coffee we had! Yeah, you might get it here but it’s totally different (to me, at least) having something at the place of its origin!

We were seriously bloated after the coffee so Clare let us back to my uncle’s place to rest a bit before picking us up for dinner. We really planned on napping but when us girls get together, we just yap all the way! 😀

Soon, dinner came and for dinner we had…

#9. Ipoh taugeh!


Ipoh ‘nga choi kai’! Well, when the taugeh came the girls and I were laughing to ourselves over some stupid joke Lik Sheng came up with.

Stupid but quite a good one. Haha! He once said Jo Ann’s like KL’s bean sprouts cause she’s tall and thin but I’m like Ipoh’s cause I’m…well, I’m well-nourished! 😀

So after dinner we were planning to have some desserts but it was raining the whole time so we didn’t make it in the end. We had a good time chatting at Clarence’s place with his mom then we headed back. And yes, again we yapped the night away so the girls especially, didn’t sleep that early.

The next morning, we all got up real early to have some dim sum for breakfast!

#11. Sayang looking good!


Look how much we ordered!!! Ahaha! It was really unintentional because the Ipoh dim sum waitresses got real good marketing skills so we didn’t get to cancel most of the orders.

We managed to stuff everything down and got it all cleared. Well, that lasted us the whole morning! Didn’t even get to go ahead with our original plan; to have some Ipoh Hor Fun after that. That afternoon, we hung around Ipoh Parade to let the guys get some eye-washing done. 🙂

#13. Liew & I

#14. Vincent & Jo Ann

The walking radio (Vincent LOL) suddenly decided to participate in the blood donation happening at the concourse area. He was saying something about losing weight, getting fairer and stuff after donating blood so he went without much hesitation. 😀



Seriously, his randomness are hilarious at times! Haha! Who would go for blood donation in the middle of a holiday?? And what’s even weirder is Liew also participated in the blood donation after that.

#17. Us, the supporters from the side.

Haha! Yeah, all we did was to just sit by their side and gave them full moral support!

Not long after that, we got some Ipoh cookies/pastries back for the parents and headed to the railway station to catch our train home. 🙂


All in all, the trip was seriously short and simple but I did have a great time with the course mates, especially the girls. Just spending the night with plain gossips and updates is good quality moments with them! 😀

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