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DB100 Girls at 1U

6 Dec

I’m finally left with just one paper for the finals and I really can’t wait for it to be over!

So anyways, just yesterday I came back to the university earlier and coincidentally the room mates decided to go to 1Utama just for a while so I tagged along. 🙂 Unfortunately Tong had her Japanese exams, otherwise it would’ve been perfect!

Mom, Ce, Pa, whomever from home reading this, I did not plan for the outing okay! Moon wasn’t going to go without me so I just had to go for a while! 😉

Christmas is around the corner and I’ve always loved Christmas decorations even more than Chinese New Year ones so sights of these goodies sure brightened up my day!

#1. My favourites but I always forget what are they called!

Snow globes or something?

#2. All girls have a soft spot for these! 🙂

There were the Doodolls there as well, at the MPH fair so we goofed around with them a bit. Hehe!

#3. Elen!

We walked around some more after that and of course, we made a stop at the beautifully decorated concourse area!

#4. Caution!

The decorations were definitely pretty but to those who haven’t been there yet, please please PLEASE watch your step!

I was in my flip flops as usual and the rocks on the floor were uneven so I tripped over a few times. Yes, funny it may sound now but wait till you get tripped then you’ll know how painful it actually was!

#5. Felicia & Elen

#6. Moon, Loo, Hui Fei & Lun Lun 🙂

#7. The girls & I

So yup it was just a short outing so after having our McValue lunch sets, we got back to the university and I continued my battle with Time Series!

Well, miracle didn’t happened and as expected I lost the battle but I’m glad I at least did put up a good fight!

I just can’t wait for the examinations to be over then I’m off to a holiday spreeeeeeeeeeeee~ 😀

The Chosen Path.

2 Dec

It’s been quite sometime since I last posted something here (I think) cause I am in the midst of my second last finals as a student so yeah, typical last minute revisions take place and hence no time to do anything else extra.

It’s also been a long time since I last went out and do fun things probably because of the finals as well.

The ‘funnest’ thing I can think of is meeting up with the Loi few weeks ago when she was back at Subang. 🙂

As I’ve always said, my life is pretty much predictable which is also somewhat boring when it comes to putting pieces of it to blogging.

I frequently visit,, and a few others and though I don’t know them in person, their blogs are just so interesting cause they have all those never-ending parties and events!

Nevertheless, I am pretty much contented with what I have and am doing in most ways.

Although Economics is not something chosen purely out of interest, I find the theories are mostly acceptable and hey, I have better alternatives with better pay checks when I’m a graduate in Economics.

Yup, I’ve always been very interested in event-planning, organizing balls and stuff but I’ve come to realize it’s more competitive in that sector and I don’t even know what degree I should pursue in the local universities if I wanted to head to that path.

I’m not complaining here, don’t get me wrong.

It’s just that it’s almost 3 in the morning and as I stuff Econometric Analysis informations into my already limited capacity brain, I can’t help but to wonder what would it be if I was in a different path.

Private institutions were never an option with pretty obvious reasons. So local, government universities have been my goal since lower secondary.

Thank God with a whole of luck I got into one of the oldest, (not sure if it’s still the best) university in Malaysia.

Hmm.. If I hadn’t been so stubborn and open doors for private institution, I might be venturing into one of those fields with less theories and formulas.

But would I be happier then? I mean, whatever it is, it’s most important we’re happy with what we’re doing right?

I guess we’ll never know cause there’s no turning back in life, yea?

And what we should really do is to make things better (suddenly cannot recall how you use that phrase, something about making the best out of life?)

So I shall head to my notes and formulas. Exam’s in about 5hours from now. 🙂