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DB100 at KL (Malls)!

23 Jan

I’m so super lazy now I refuse to even move to get my phone that’s charging at the corner of the table. >.<

It’s one of those nights where seriously, you feel so lazy you hardly want to move an inch.

Well, besides the fingers cause if not how to type and browse Internet. :p

So here are some long overdue grandma story on my super adventurous shopping day around KL.

Super adventurous cause we traveled from KLCC to Pavilion then to Times Square then to Sungei Wang then back to Times Square then Pavilion then to Imbi Station for the train.

I left at about 10 in the morning and only reached the college at around midnight. =.=


The initial reason to this outing was because Felicia booked us some tickets to an organ recital at MPO then we thought, why not wander around KL for some CNY shopping too, right? 🙂

#2. My room mate who looks good in candid pictures!

#3. Tickets!

Yup, you read it right! Our admission was actually free!! Too bad I’m not a big fan of organs so I kinda dozed off in between the songs. >.<

#4. Inside MPO

Every time I’m in there, it feels like I’m in somewhere really prestigious and high-class and I’m totally under-dressed.

The interior is seriously mesmerizing and I am such a lucky girl to be able to snap a quick shot of it! 😀

They usually don’t allow photography in there but I guess they are more lenient during the day. 😉



The recitals ended in less than hour so we made it in time for lunch at Pavilion’s Food Republic.

And of course, we had some fun at the concourse area!

#7. It's Chinese New Year!

#8. It's a bunny new year to be exact!

#9. Hit the drums!

After that, we moved on doing some shopping and spent FOUR hours at ONE floor in Times Square!

Just one floor took us four blardy hours! And well, another hour or two at Sungei Wang.

#10. Moon & the 'Bulan Entrance'

And when we got back to Pavilion for Snowflake, it was already dark outside!

Yup, we were all tired and exhausted but still headed back to Pavilion for Snowflake! 🙂


#12. Yummy!

Ahahahaa! Moon’s expression is always hilarious! 😀

Finally got back with feet screaming in pain. Despite the fact that I was in flip-flops after MPO.

But a great day spent bonding, shopping, digging clothes with the room mates and the boy. 🙂

Happy Thaipusam!

20 Jan

First off, before I go on about my updates,

HAPPY THAIPUSAM to those celebrating and HAPPY HOLIDAY to the rest! 😀

So, since my laptop is not working at most times and I am so forgetful that I forgot to bring the camera back, I’ll just leave you guys with a few nice pictures taken with Louise’s DSLR from our KL outing last Sunday!

#1. Roomies!

#2. Louise

One of the best pictures I’ve taken of her; purely candid and natural. And yes, this is how loving she looks like when she sees an adorable child. 🙂

#3. My (second) favourite boy (after LeeHom) and I 🙂

#4. Louise & I

Will hopefully update with proper details and grandma stories when I get back to the university! 🙂


16 Jan

‘s been good! 😀

Ooops, just realize he’s a lot bigger in this picture. But nevermind lah, I look kinda good. Haha!

The Regular Weekend

15 Jan

Weee! I’m back again, just after one day! And this is of course because I’m home so I have access to good Internet and keyboards with space bars that actually work. 😉

I’m mostly home on weekends, though I will have to travel about half an hour to the university after this.

I used to always want to come home to avoid doing laundry on my own but now it’s simply because I just want to be home.

So, since it’s a Saturday and CNY is in about few weeks time, we obviously did not just sit around the house. After lunch, the sisters and Aunty Choong headed to IKEA in search for a new shelf/cabinet sort of thing for the kitchen.


Just got my hair trimmed, did some eye-lining and I don’t have to drive! Wee! It’s sure a good day! 😀

#2. The driver!

Who’s always stressed when driving. :p

After some honking and cursing, we finally reached and shopping immediately started.



Did the regular shopping and stuff, nothing much but I won’t say it wasn’t productive! 😀

It’s always real good to be home. Heading back to the university tomorrow morning but I’m already looking forward to next Wednesday cause I’m coming home again!

So maybe getting a nearby university ain’t that bad after all. 😉

New Phase for the Youngest

14 Jan

Sorry for the disappearance once again! My faithful ol’ laptop has once again crashed, okay well not the entire laptop yet but the space bar is throwing tantrums and refuse to work so I couldn’t blog.

Nevertheless, am home now so I shall just pen a few thought here?

The few first few weeks of university has been good. I’m somewhat in the mood to study so I’ve been good in most of the classes. *pats self

No pictures of recent activities so I’ll just use a few really backdated ones. 🙂


The youngest finally moved onto another phase but before that, he had to endure about 15minutes of stress to get his PMR results.

I felt his stress cause I was with him and really, the competition in his class was really bad! Everyone was asking if they had gotten straight A’s instead of how many A’s. Not forgetting phone calls from cousins, parents, the sisters and more.


Nothing much about the school has changed, but there were names for every corner of the building now.

#3. Moment of truth!


Ahaha! Lucky he got what he wanted and managed to let out a sigh of relief soon after. Congrats you annoying brat! 😀

Just make sure you continue to work hard and not let us down! No need to thank me for the pressure! 😉

It’s Just Week 1!

8 Jan

It seems like it was just yesterday when I completed my last paper and was sulking quite a bit cause I didn’t do as well as I know I could.

But I moved on and enjoyed my holidays. And then university started again!

And what do you know, one week’s passed. First week’s studies was a lot on introduction so the responsibilities and stuff haven’t exactly hit yet.

But for all two and half years of my stay in the university didn’t just revolve around the academics world, I spent quite a lot of time in extra curricular. Well, that part of university and all it’s responsibility has started alright.

I signed up for Wu Shu for Pesta Tionghua this time. Not sure how am I going to do on stage but I’m enjoying the practices so far, despite getting terrible muscle aches after that.

And the best part is of course getting involved with a group of good friends. Being part of something is always better when you feel connected to the people who are involved together with you.

That is most crucial to me cause if I don’t think anyone else is on the same wave length as me, I will eventually call it quits.

Not that I’ve ever done that, but I think this is by far the furthest of the edge I’m standing on. I don’t know how long more can I tell myself things will change for the better, this is just temporary, to convince myself to continue standing where I’m at.

I guess I’m just a bit tired. Tired of doing, initiating plans after plans and not getting the appreciation that I’m worthy of after that.

Long story cut short, I hate it most when people don’t listen to me.

I will repeat myself if I think the first time you didn’t hear it was unintentional. But do it more often and I’ll just show you the finger hand the next time you ask me to repeat what I’ve said.

But I’m no quitter. And I hate to make this the first time I quit something I’m so passionate about.

2010 At a Glance!

1 Jan

Well, new year’s here and before I go on blabbering about my 2011 new year’s resolution, I think I should do a bit of recap of year 2010.

Year 2010 went by really quick for me. I think it’s because it was really eventful so I didn’t realize the months go by.

The first half of the year wasn’t much. The so-called highlight in that duration would be my internship, of course. 🙂

#1. The awesome QA Team!

Well, I won’t go on detail again cause I remember doing a few posts on my internship earlier.

Long story cut short, it was heaps of fun and my work mates are really nice people! They all made it so hard for me to say goodbye on my last day though I was looking forward to university again. 😉

And one thing that came new during internship was that my course mates and I became much much closer!

So, I was really looking forward to university because something big was waiting for me! 😀

#2. PEKUMA's board of directors

Yeap! A few silly friends of mine and I decided to do some ‘community service’ and joined PEKUMA. That’s the Economics Society of University of Malaya.

Truth to be told, when I was a junior, I didn’t hear much from them. So we decided to just make PEKUMA more known among the undergraduates, juniors especially. So what have we done you ask?

FEA Night 2010 was the highlight of our first semester, at PEKUMA. Here are the posts on preparations, actual day and the so called after party!

We have more big and small scaled activities coming up, so just wait and see! 🙂

Then, in between the tensions and fuss over FEA Night 2010 with the course mates, I had quite some good times with my buddies from college!

#3. Convocation!

Convo’s one of the highlights of year 2010 to me. Mainly because most of the seniors that I’m really close to have left college and university and that makes me a senior officially in the college.

It’s not easy being a good senior I would say. Good in the sense that you’re fulfilling your responsibilites yet being approachable among the first year juniors.

Unfortunately I chose to withdraw myself instead. Mainly because I think I want to try something else instead, which is why I chose PEKUMA.

Then there’s CC Trip.


and also the annual photoshoot with all the members for the CC magazine!

#5. My family at college!

These two activities brought me lots of emotions I would say.

It’s just the thoughts of graduating and leaving college, this place I call home throughout my university years for good makes me sad. Sad because I’ll be separated from my awesome friends and room mates since most of them are from different states in the nation.

I’m sure we can meet up with buses and trains and planes now being so convenient but hey, we would all be working or perhaps married, even and we’re going to be so caught up with new routines then.

I’m just sad because I know, I will never meet such real down-to-earth simple friends after this. My room mates especially. They’ve been so supportive in every way and they’re just irreplaceable. Sigh.

It’s also during these two activities that made me realized I did one of the biggest mistakes ever months ago. My decision to break up, that is. So yup, I managed to mend the broken pieces and we’re an item now again! ♥

In short, year 2010 has been eventful mainly because I’ve met so many new and old friends along the way. And it’s also just this year that I realized I’m very attached to the family. Much more than I’ve always thought I was, which explains why I’m always at home now. 🙂

I would say it’s been a great year! Of course, I went down some pitholes in between but every time I’m down there, there will be a friend’s hand reaching out to pull me out almost immediately. 🙂

And for that, I think I’m really blessed to have such great friends, family and boyfriend.

(p.s: The order above did not symbolize the importance of them in my life okay!)

So yeah, what will my 2011 resolutions be?

I just want to make sure I’m going to be a better girlfriend, friend and daughter. And of course, student for the first half of the year and employee for the second half! 🙂

Just yeah, to be a better person. Sounds really simple but hey, I think that’s tough! That’s 5 roles to juggle! 🙂

So what are your new year resolutions? Have 2010 been good to you as well?