The Regular Weekend

15 Jan

Weee! I’m back again, just after one day! And this is of course because I’m home so I have access to good Internet and keyboards with space bars that actually work. 😉

I’m mostly home on weekends, though I will have to travel about half an hour to the university after this.

I used to always want to come home to avoid doing laundry on my own but now it’s simply because I just want to be home.

So, since it’s a Saturday and CNY is in about few weeks time, we obviously did not just sit around the house. After lunch, the sisters and Aunty Choong headed to IKEA in search for a new shelf/cabinet sort of thing for the kitchen.


Just got my hair trimmed, did some eye-lining and I don’t have to drive! Wee! It’s sure a good day! 😀

#2. The driver!

Who’s always stressed when driving. :p

After some honking and cursing, we finally reached and shopping immediately started.



Did the regular shopping and stuff, nothing much but I won’t say it wasn’t productive! 😀

It’s always real good to be home. Heading back to the university tomorrow morning but I’m already looking forward to next Wednesday cause I’m coming home again!

So maybe getting a nearby university ain’t that bad after all. 😉

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