DB100 at KL (Malls)!

23 Jan

I’m so super lazy now I refuse to even move to get my phone that’s charging at the corner of the table. >.<

It’s one of those nights where seriously, you feel so lazy you hardly want to move an inch.

Well, besides the fingers cause if not how to type and browse Internet. :p

So here are some long overdue grandma story on my super adventurous shopping day around KL.

Super adventurous cause we traveled from KLCC to Pavilion then to Times Square then to Sungei Wang then back to Times Square then Pavilion then to Imbi Station for the train.

I left at about 10 in the morning and only reached the college at around midnight. =.=


The initial reason to this outing was because Felicia booked us some tickets to an organ recital at MPO then we thought, why not wander around KL for some CNY shopping too, right? 🙂

#2. My room mate who looks good in candid pictures!

#3. Tickets!

Yup, you read it right! Our admission was actually free!! Too bad I’m not a big fan of organs so I kinda dozed off in between the songs. >.<

#4. Inside MPO

Every time I’m in there, it feels like I’m in somewhere really prestigious and high-class and I’m totally under-dressed.

The interior is seriously mesmerizing and I am such a lucky girl to be able to snap a quick shot of it! 😀

They usually don’t allow photography in there but I guess they are more lenient during the day. 😉



The recitals ended in less than hour so we made it in time for lunch at Pavilion’s Food Republic.

And of course, we had some fun at the concourse area!

#7. It's Chinese New Year!

#8. It's a bunny new year to be exact!

#9. Hit the drums!

After that, we moved on doing some shopping and spent FOUR hours at ONE floor in Times Square!

Just one floor took us four blardy hours! And well, another hour or two at Sungei Wang.

#10. Moon & the 'Bulan Entrance'

And when we got back to Pavilion for Snowflake, it was already dark outside!

Yup, we were all tired and exhausted but still headed back to Pavilion for Snowflake! 🙂


#12. Yummy!

Ahahahaa! Moon’s expression is always hilarious! 😀

Finally got back with feet screaming in pain. Despite the fact that I was in flip-flops after MPO.

But a great day spent bonding, shopping, digging clothes with the room mates and the boy. 🙂

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