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21 Feb

“Say God allocated 10 things one should have in his life but he only managed to get 8 out of it. Though those 8 he has are of the best, he will still go on and on complaining, blaming others about not getting the remaining two.”

That was what my Dad said the other day; one of the days when his lame mode was turned off and switched to inspiring mode. ;p

It went on and on in my head and I can’t help but to agree with it.

Oh and before I start my grandmother story, this is from my point of view and experience. I understand some may have encountered complete opposite events, so do share with me if you don’t mind. 🙂

So the first thing that Dad pointed out was how most of the ones who complain most about the country are those who bring back fatter pay cheques.

They are the ones who will go on and on about how ridiculous the education system is, how their children didn’t get a scholarship, how congested the traffic is, how the grass is always greener elsewhere.

But they somehow seemed to have forgotten the fact that they are the ones who are blessed with opportunities to go abroad, thus being able to compare our humble Malaysia with advanced economies such as US, Japan or even the upcoming China.

And they are the ones who have benefited from the economy so much to be able to send their children to get away from the ‘stupid’ education system Malaysia is providing.

And most of all, they seemed to have forgotten the fact that they are the ones who went through this education the country is providing, that those syllabus are those that kept their foundations strong, to be able to proceed with tertiary education abroad.

When the government implements policies they think irrelevant, they condemn them like never before, not remembering the good side and benefits they are offered with.

But if you ask them to do something about their dissatisfaction instead of just sitting around, condemning the nation’s leaders, they will tell you that it’s not their job to do so.

And if you ask them further, they may not even be registered voters despite being around for more than 5 decades.

I mean, I really don’t understand people like that.

Why won’t they look at the bright side of things? Why won’t they count their blessings?

My Dad for example, isn’t the richest man around. Due to his profession, he gets direct effect from the various economic crisis and yet, he blames no representative from the Government for the wrong policy implemented.

He tends to look at the fact that despite all the pit holes, his girls are all accepted into local universities and are financed either with Government loans or scholarships.

I’m not trying to brag about my dad here but I just felt like letting these out just to remind people to try look on the bright side of things.

Just things in general, nothing related to politics though. I used this approach cause possibly due to the campus election happening right now, it’s the only thing I can think of.

Well, speaking of the campus election, I’m really ashamed of how it’s turned out to be. No reason why we should be on the front cover or even just in the news for that reason.

Okay, let’s not side-track. So hey, the next time you think something’s really bad, try looking at other good things that’s happened to you.

Then you’ll eventually be more contented and happy. 🙂

Reunion Dinners!

20 Feb

Many said the CNY this year felt really short but I for one think it should really end soon (well, I only came to this realization on the day before Chap Goh Mei or something) because it’s another excuse for people (like me) to eat eat and EAT!

First you have reunion with the family and relatives…


Had a mini pot luck reunion again at my home after we got back from Ipoh…


Then reunion with college’s Chinese Club…

#3. Upon leaving college...

#4. With Mandy & Mei Wei

#5. With the family!


One table with ten girls and that was the amount we whallop! xD

And then there’s reunion with course mates, members from PEKUMA…


Then just this random dinner my parents decided to go on with because it was Chap Goh Mei…


First time trying this dish called, ‘Pun Choi’ and I think it’s yums! 😀

But seeeeeeeeriously… I think I had a bit too much of reunion dinners. >.<

CNY Day 1!

5 Feb

CNY this year wasn’t as good as I thought cause of the accident and I thought I lost my ang pau!

FML it wasn’t just any ang pau it was THE ang pau my dad gave me. I searched high and low but it was nowhere to be found and I comfort myself by making myself believe I lost the money to gambling.

But anyways, I found it now so I’m a happy girl again! 😀

#1. Sisters & Mom at work

The annual thing we do each year on New Year’s Eve; to help Mom wrap ang paus. 😉

The next day, the sisters as usual dressed to their best again! 😀



They were in their cheongsams and I was pretty much casual as I was in the years before cause seriously, ask me to spend that amount of money onto ONE attire, I’d rather buying more casual outfits so I can wear ’em all year round! 😀

#4. With granny

We headed to my cousin’s sister’s MANSION not long after that to catch the lion dance!


Oh well, a little camwhore session while waiting don’t do any harm right? 😀

#6. With cousin Yiing

Then the lion dance came and did their thing.



I didn’t get to enjoy the performance as much as I had wanted to because I was helping my cousin with the video-recording.

It was my first time laying hands on a video recorder so I do hope the outcome doesn’t disappoint my cousin!

Then had lunch and snapped more pictures. 🙂

#9. Pa with the nephews

#10. Mom & sis

#13. With other fellow Choong's!

So highlights of Day 1 ended like that.

We didn’t do much of gambling though I managed to get my Monopoly Deal and gambled a little with that. 😉

And of course, for dinner we had home cooked vegetarian! It was exactly like what my late grandma used to prepare for CNY every year when she was still around.

After she left, no one knew how to prepare anymore. Well, except the maid who’s been with her for more than 15 years of course.

So the maid got back and cooked us some nice meals of vegetarian so we indulged happily. Not sure about the rest but I felt Grandma’s presence with us.

I’m sure she’s happy to see us all doing well. 🙂

Pre CNY!

3 Feb

Gong Hei Fatt Choy everybody!!!

I was really looking forward to CNY this time, probably because it’s been a while since we last went back hometown together, as in the whole family.

Or maybe it’s because I have by far the most new clothes for CNY this time! 😀

So much for the excitement, I’m home now. But I’m not complaining cause I haven’t had one of the best times at Ipoh this time.

Perhaps I’ll just brief along the pictures. 🙂

#1. Manicure!

Days before Ipoh when I was still at home was really hectic. Manicure, pedicure, packing, movies were all done in a rush but thankfully, we got everything done and was all set for new year!

Oh yeah, despite the rush the siblings and I went and watched ‘Great Day’, a local production and we’re all still impressed with their work! 😀

#2. Super duper yummy Curry Laksa!

#3. Chee Cheong Fun with pork!

Oh yessss, when you’re in Ipoh you must eat eat and eat their local specialties!

And of course, I had…

#4. Fried sengkuang!

We were already back at Ipoh on Tuesday but we basically laid around and did nothing. I was bugging the siblings to get Monopoly Deal the whole time but strangely, we couldn’t find it in Parkson.

It was only till Thursday or something that I managed to get a deck of it from Jusco’s MPH.

And yes, I did mention this year hasn’t been one of the best because some idiot actually hit our car.

We were not even moving cause we were giving way to a garbage truck, so we stopped at the junction and FYI the whole blardy road was so congested people didn’t drive more than 40km/h!

But this idiot came with full speed and knock onto our car!


His car suffered more damages I think.


But that didn’t make things better. Pfffttt.

So we spent the day at the police station before our family reunion dinner.

I guess I’ll come back with a happier post on the remaining two and half days spent at Ipoh.

Happy new year again!