Pre CNY!

3 Feb

Gong Hei Fatt Choy everybody!!!

I was really looking forward to CNY this time, probably because it’s been a while since we last went back hometown together, as in the whole family.

Or maybe it’s because I have by far the most new clothes for CNY this time! šŸ˜€

So much for the excitement, I’m home now. But I’m not complaining cause I haven’t had one of the best times at Ipoh this time.

Perhaps I’ll just brief along the pictures. šŸ™‚

#1. Manicure!

Days before Ipoh when I was still at home was really hectic. Manicure, pedicure, packing, movies were all done in a rush but thankfully, we got everything done and was all set for new year!

Oh yeah, despite the rush the siblings and I went and watched ‘Great Day’, a local production and we’re all still impressed with their work! šŸ˜€

#2. Super duper yummy Curry Laksa!

#3. Chee Cheong Fun with pork!

Oh yessss, when you’re in Ipoh you must eat eat and eat their local specialties!

And of course, I had…

#4. Fried sengkuang!

We were already back at Ipoh on Tuesday but we basically laid around and did nothing. I was bugging the siblings to get Monopoly Deal the whole time but strangely, we couldn’t find it in Parkson.

It was only till Thursday or something that I managed to get a deck of it from Jusco’s MPH.

And yes, I did mention this year hasn’t been one of the best because some idiot actually hit our car.

We were not even moving cause we were giving way to a garbage truck, so we stopped at the junction and FYI the whole blardy road was so congested people didn’t drive more than 40km/h!

But this idiot came with full speed and knock onto our car!


His car suffered more damages I think.


But that didn’t make things better. Pfffttt.

So we spent the day at the police station before our family reunion dinner.

I guess I’ll come back with a happier post on the remaining two and half days spent at Ipoh.

Happy new year again!

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