CNY Day 1!

5 Feb

CNY this year wasn’t as good as I thought cause of the accident and I thought I lost my ang pau!

FML it wasn’t just any ang pau it was THE ang pau my dad gave me. I searched high and low but it was nowhere to be found and I comfort myself by making myself believe I lost the money to gambling.

But anyways, I found it now so I’m a happy girl again! 😀

#1. Sisters & Mom at work

The annual thing we do each year on New Year’s Eve; to help Mom wrap ang paus. 😉

The next day, the sisters as usual dressed to their best again! 😀



They were in their cheongsams and I was pretty much casual as I was in the years before cause seriously, ask me to spend that amount of money onto ONE attire, I’d rather buying more casual outfits so I can wear ’em all year round! 😀

#4. With granny

We headed to my cousin’s sister’s MANSION not long after that to catch the lion dance!


Oh well, a little camwhore session while waiting don’t do any harm right? 😀

#6. With cousin Yiing

Then the lion dance came and did their thing.



I didn’t get to enjoy the performance as much as I had wanted to because I was helping my cousin with the video-recording.

It was my first time laying hands on a video recorder so I do hope the outcome doesn’t disappoint my cousin!

Then had lunch and snapped more pictures. 🙂

#9. Pa with the nephews

#10. Mom & sis

#13. With other fellow Choong's!

So highlights of Day 1 ended like that.

We didn’t do much of gambling though I managed to get my Monopoly Deal and gambled a little with that. 😉

And of course, for dinner we had home cooked vegetarian! It was exactly like what my late grandma used to prepare for CNY every year when she was still around.

After she left, no one knew how to prepare anymore. Well, except the maid who’s been with her for more than 15 years of course.

So the maid got back and cooked us some nice meals of vegetarian so we indulged happily. Not sure about the rest but I felt Grandma’s presence with us.

I’m sure she’s happy to see us all doing well. 🙂

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