To Uncle Choong!

9 Mar

This is to the man who taught me all the basic principles in life.

He taught me how to constantly look on the bright side of things because that will simply bring out the better person in you.

He taught me not to blame others or just anyone on a misfortunate that’s happened to us.

He taught me to be contented, hence appreciate what the country’s been giving us instead of constantly criticizing them.

But he didn’t tell me directly word by word, he told me all these through the way he acted towards things that has happened all these years.

So yeah, it took me 23 years to finally see what a person he is.

Funny how when I was younger, I had always been afraid of him because he will never ask, “How was your day?” Instead he waits for you to tell him about it.

Then when I was in my teens, I got frustrated with him for not showing how much he really cares, or did he even bother about how I was doing because he will never tell you, “Well done!”

But as I grew older, I realized he is extremely proud of his daughters and son over small achievements by them. Well, obviously he didn’t tell us directly.

I know this because he was caught in a heated discussion with a relative when the relative question my report that made my team first runner-up’s in the Investment Research Challenge.

And he is always telling long lost friends we happened to bum in that all his girls are either working or studying in universities and would purposely highlight the institutions that we’re attached to.

Not forgetting his two favourite quotes that will never fail to bring tears to Mom, giggles to my sisters and the brother would say, “Lame~” 😀

“I may not have the biggest houses or the most luxurious cars, but I have five money-can’t-buy treasures”

“I would want your mother to die first before me because she simply is too dependent on me. I will still have to hold onto her now when we’re crossing the roads!”

These two are the ones that make me realize how much of a man my Dad really is. And how he’s inspired me to be the person I am today.

To the person I respect most in my entire life in spite of whatever other people have to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Oh and the contented Dad is actually extremely happy about aging because he claims that now that he’s in the senior citizen’s category, he gets to enjoy all the privileges! Discount rates on tickets and cutting queues are the two things that he enjoys most! 🙂

#1. Uncle Choong!

Failed shot, it was supposed to look like he’s holding the eagle but nevertheless a good picture because his expression is just priceless! 😀

Happy birthday again Pa! Hope you enjoyed all the eating marathon! 😉

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