Malam Anugerah Kurshiah 2011

15 Mar

Every residential college here in University of Malaya have their annual college dinner thing where supposedly, it’s to celebrate people who have done their fair share of contribution and sacrifices (LOL) to the college.

Last year I had the chance to go up stage not once but TWICE for Project Director and Best Project Award. jeng jeng jeng~

So this year I decided to just sit and let others have their chance. (Blehh.. Actually didn’t join anything anymore, lazy!)

But I did what everyone does best on this superbly so called grand dinner. 🙂

#1. Elen & I

Did my hair this time, thanks to Choon Roei who purposely came back to help beautify us, the bunch of noobs. 😀

At this point I only got my hair curled up while Elen got hers tied up into a semi-mohawk style.

Later we got our make up done as well then hurried up to the first bus because my darling roomie plays an important role in that dinner. And her designer was already rushing for her to come and try her wings on.

Yup. You saw that right. Wings. 😀


Elen with wings! She was asked to be the gimmick for the opening ceremony hence the extravagant outfit. 😀 Well, they sure picked the right girl because my dear Elen’s super gorgeous!

So the dinner was as usual, sit with friends at table, laugh at people’s wardrobe malfunction, wait for food to come, sit some more, eat, laugh some more then eat again and then dinner’s over.

Okay, I’m kinda lost of words now so I’ll just let the pictures fill in the details. 🙂

#3. Chai & I

When people saw this picture, they all asked the same question. “When’s the big day?” =.=

Do we really look that old?

#4. Us with Wei Hoe

#5. Part of table 32

#6. Felicia!

#7.Hung Tong in yukata!

Two of the five room mates I have who completely transformed themselves that night! Preeeeeetty!!!

#8. Louise & I

It was only after this picture that I finally realized the pictures turn out better in another setting so yups, damn fail. 😦

Pictures from this point onwards are all borrowed from friends because I just saw them on FB and they look nice. 😀

Pictures from Louise's DSLR

#9. With Elen without her wings. 🙂

#10. With Bei Shan

#11. Missing Hung Tong, otherwise a complete group picture! 😀


Finally a picture with Hung Tong but no thanks to Elen it’s a bit blur. 😉 Tong was so busy the whole night, everyone wanted a picture with her. We were saying she’s like the mascot of MAK. 😀

#13. Trademark!

How can we miss our trademark shot ey? 🙂

One last picture from a junior, Adelynn’s iPhone 4! One of my favourites! Thank you!


Had quite a good time though I had one of the toughest and longest time in the bathroom when we got back, trying to wash the sprays and gels off my tangled hair. Curled hair seemed kinda nice but I guess it comes with a price to pay – major hair loss! 😦

So yup, another annual activity done by the college that would be the last time for me. Sigh. Hope everyone else had a good time too! 🙂

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    • Xin Min at 2:36 pm #

      @fei: Nice lehh.. xD

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