When Old Friends Get Together…

10 Apr

People go through a few phases in their lives and at every phase, they meet new people and friends.

New friends may come but the old ones always stay, right? Well, not all of course but at least some will. 😉

I just met up with the girls again last night and this time, because some of the working ones are in great stress, we had to find somewhere that serves alcoholic drinks.

#1. Pink Lemonade & Red Sangria

Of course I didn’t go with anything alcoholic, not even cocktails mind you. Just somehow not in the mood for anything alcoholic.

Let me introduce you to my buddies!

#2. Tya!

I knew her since we were both fourteen if I’m not wrong. She’s always been a really good listener and she was always there to lend a helping hand. And because of her, I became a lot more fluent in my spoken BM, the Malay style okay! *beams with pride. 😀

#3. Vie!

Then there’s Ivie. She has always been the more matured one among the few of us and we used to call her Newton for the obvious reasons – her being the smartest among us. So yeah, one of the stressed ones because of work was my dear Ivie Newton. 🙂

#4. Yean!

And of course, my ever sampat friend Lee Sze Yean who filled us in with her many stories and never-ending drama! But she plays a really important role because she was the one who officially gathered all of us together (she was the one who fetched us!) and made sure there was no such thing such as awkward silence throughout the night!

Definitely a good catch up with the girls after so many years. The last time I met Tya was in 2008!

I’m really glad the few of us are still pretty much the same, so we were all still able to talk and laugh like the old times. 🙂

Of course, things would’ve been better if the other two woman can make it.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next gathering, hopefully with the complete bunch along with the guys!

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