Pre-Grad Trip At Malacca!

22 Apr

While everyone started their study week with their revisions and tutorials, the girls and I headed down South to Malacca for a simple pre-grad trip!

We earlier planned for something abroad but due to time and budget constraint, we decided to just do local.

After all, it’s the time spent together that matters right? 🙂

#1. Myself, Felicia and Belle!

We went by two cars with their respective owners; Elen and Louise. I personally enjoyed the best of both worldscars – started the journey with Louise’s then halfway at the R&R hopped over to Elen’s!

#2. Louise

#3. Elen

Managed to reach the Jiong Guesthouse after an hour or two of driving and laughing. Freshened up after sweaty journey under the scorching hot sun of both KL and Malacca then off we started our trip.

Of course, did I mention we had a local tour guide who brought us all to the good food in Malacca? 😀 Sean’s our junior in university and he kindly volunteered to bring us around!

The first place we went to was the Portugese Settlement for some seafood!

#4. Deep fried squid

#5. Humongous La-la

#6. Crabbieeee!!

I’m actually allergic to prawns and crabs since I was younger but I decided to screw it and indulge into the yummy baked crab!

Thankfully the allergy isn’t as serious anymore so I only had mild itchiness on the tongue and throat. 😀

Loitered around the jetty with the cool sea breeze for some ‘digestion’ before we headed to our next food stop – Capitol Satay!

#7. The usual queue

#8. Disappointed Moon.

There’s a story behind her disappointment!

The girl happily thought Satay Celup was the normal satay with meat and all so she was looking forward to those barbequed meaty satay. Well, of course Satay Celup’s not like that so that’s how she got disappointed! 😀

#9. Failed picture of the mess after our indulgence

Some of the girls didn’t enjoy Satay Celup that much but I loved it! Especially when you dip the sausages with cheese into the boiling hot nutty sauce – HEAVEN!

Being typical tourists, we went over to the park where the Eye on Malaysia Malacca and Pirate Ship were located.

#10. Louise

#11. Elen & Mandy


I’m no fan of Pirate Ships but because Moon said it is much lower than the ones we have in Sunway Lagoon and Genting, I thought why not.

Up I went and had the scariest, noisiest, funniest and most painful twenty minutes of my life in Malacca.

Mandy and I sure screamed a whole lot up there till we attracted some other tourists to pay for the ride after that but luckily we did scream or else we might just have a hard time like Hung Tong and Choon Roei who were close to vomiting. >.<

After that, we went for some more food – desserts! No pictures though because we were still very much excited about the Pirate Ship. 😀

The night ended with us sleeping soundly in the reasonably priced Guesthouse and so my post shall end here for now!

Ahaha didn’t expect it to be so lengthy and I’m getting a little impatient with the line so till the next post, take care you all! 🙂

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