Losing the Base

6 May

The usual list that consist of more than 10 sheets of A4 paper now became no more than the fingers of a normal person’s hand. One hand, that is.

Not that they were doing Mother Nature a favour by using less paper, nor were their printer out of ink.

Obviously it’s because the names on the list have reduced, by almost half!

We began speculating the reason behind the reduction.

One said the authorities wanted to keep us low profile just like where she came from.

Another said they wanted to keep only bright candidates in the institution.

Finally one came with proper statistics and stuffs (which makes it sound more convincing) that the main reason is simply because they want to bring in more of the international and postgraduate students.

Then a thought came. Which of course is the reason I wrote this.

Say the university is a big pyramid figure. And undergraduates are the base of the pyramid (both local and abroad) and the levels slowly goes to top with postgraduates – Masters students, PhD holder, staffs of the university and finally the Chancellor (I think)

Well if you intend to reduce the base’s quality – instead of the normal cement and sand and bricks and stuff, you’re replacing with papers for example, guess what’s going to happen?

Not only will the base not hold, the whole pyramid would come tumbling down.

Local universities, IPTA they call it are supposed to benefit the less wealthy rakyat with proper tertiary education and facilities one should get at a university.

But now you’re cutting our parts (by THAT much?) for the sake of postgraduates and international students?

I understand how important it is to increase the number of postgraduates and international students in a university – what pride that will bring and perhaps even get your rankings improved.

But makes no sense if you’re going to lose the quality of base of the whole system. Speaking of quality, not like the base’s quality is even that very much on par at the moment.

It makes me so frustrated that the system is in such a way now.

Not like it affects me directly since I’m going to be done this semester. But doesn’t mean if I’m not affected I shouldn’t care.

I really hope to get a proper explanation for this matter. Okay fine, I don’t expect people to really respond to me here, I’m all ready to do my own research and study why they’re doing this.

Hopefully they have a really really reeeaaally good reason behind this. But I can’t possibly think of any at the moment.

And yes, reason I’m back here is because I’m (almost) done with my papers! 😀

2 Responses to “Losing the Base”

  1. huiyee May 6, 2011 at 1:28 pm #

    haha…i’m finishing exams soon..bt i think i seriously will miss it loads 😀

    • Xin Min May 7, 2011 at 3:28 pm #

      @Hui Yee: Yeah! Kinda looked forward to it before this but now that we’ll be finishing on Monday, I kinda miss it already.

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