Grand Finale and the Birth of Moon.

16 May

It was the most pessimistic roomie’s birthday. The one whose cupboard is filled with 98% of black clothings and 2% of whites.

I’m of course talking about Moon! 😀


This silly girl has such a one of a kind thinking that she actually thought we went out without her! Which explains the tears. 😀

The idea was to ‘coincidentally’ bump into her and Wai who brought her out ‘unplanned’. But we all thought it was pretty obvious with just two remaining seats left at the table! Little did we know she’s so silly to think we actually really went out, what more to her favourite restaurant without her. xD

She was so emotional the whole time until we brought out her customized cupcakes!



The girl was still shocked up till this point but we decided to ignore her and camwhore all the way.

#4. With Juin & Tong

#5. Emo birthday girl with my handmade card

#6. Elen with her boyfie

#7. Louise, Felicia & Choon Roei

#8. My two lovely roomies!

There are more with Louise since her DSLR obviously produce better quality pictures. 🙂 After dinner, we decided to move onto second rounds – KARAOKE!

We went to the Loud Speaker Karaoke and was delighted at first to be given additional 30minutes of the session by the Manager. Then when the first room we used had some technical problems, they immediately replaced us with the VIP Room. 😀

Well, we think it’s the VIP room because they had a personal toilet in the room, projector LCD and even disco lights! Not forgetting the enormous space in the room and the mini bar!!!



#11. Shake that!



That night karaoke wasn’t just about singing, we made full use of the space and shake our butts out, trying to impersonate the Korean girl and boy bands. 🙂

I’ve never enjoyed karaoke so much, seriously! We were so crazy till we got people looking, peeping through our door to see what nonsense was happening in the room.

I miss you girls already! Come back soon and plan something for convocation! 😀

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