Work So Soon?

29 May

Many people around me know I’m done being a student (finally!) and more often than not, the question is “What’s next?”

And as always, I won’t even stop to think twice about answering them, “Work, of course.” And strangely, I’m even quite certain as to which sector I want to join. But in specific, which department is still a big question.

Thing is, I get remarks from people about me wanting to join the ‘boring working people, lifeless category of the society’ so soon. Probably because they are those who opt to go for exchange programmes, going abroad and like they always say, “See the world!”

Well, those who know me pretty well would know that I’ve never agreed much to the idea of going for student exchange programmes, unless IF AND ONLY IF they are free and highly beneficial, totally helpful in my career next time.

Major reason to me is because sometimes, it isn’t about what you WANT to do but it is about what you NEED to do.

Not that my parents have been bugging me to work, please take note of that. My mom actually urged me to sign up for any programmes that came along the way after hearing about my room mates’ experiences.

But really, I just don’t really fancy the idea that when you are supposed to be working, easing your parents’ burden you go off to a programme abroad and sometimes, the worst just happens; you in return need funding from them.

Don’t get me wrong, go on ahead with what you intend to do with your life. This post wasn’t written to indirectly (or directly) sound those who are going for exchange programmes. Yours truly merely want to put her writing skills to practice and get something off her mind.

And blogging has always been very useful in making me forgetting about something. 🙂

I totally understand the fact that everyone of us are different in our ways – we have different life ambition altogether. Totally respect that. 🙂

But oh well, if I don’t go on about criticizing you wasting your parents’ hard-earned cash and all that potential money you should’ve brought back if you haven’t gone abroad, don’t go questioning my eagerness to work. 🙂

Like I said, we have different life ambition and goals altogether.

Let’s just put it this way.

If I really want to go abroad and see the world, I’d rather go with the whole family. Quite pointless to me to go somewhere and ‘syok sendiri’ – come back tell Mom also she won’t really understand what am I talking about. 😀 

And I come from quite a big family so to get all six of us to somewhere, even just locally it’ll require some (a lot of) money. So until I get enough money to bring the whole family for a holiday, I’ll just have to work and save!

But right now, to get a job I NEED MY STUPID RESULTS!!!

So please respected staffs of the university, I beg you to faster process my results (because my lecturers are done marking) and release them online already!

Gosh, speaking of randomness I can really jump across topics. >.<

Off to dinner now. Hope everyone had a good weekend! ♥

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