Qii Turns Five

7 Jun

When I was able to so called think of a proper ambition, I actually thought of teaching. And the ambition somehow developed into a dream that I still hold onto today, that is to open a kindergarten. 😀

Random way to start this post but it’s somehow related la. Comes back to the point where I really like kids! 🙂

It was my little cousin, Qii Qii’s birthday. This time her parents had a gathering at home which was definitely wise to me, because the little girl is more comfortable at her own crib AND there were many more kids!

#1. Two grown-up kids

Yes, these two monkeys with adult figures are still very much kiddies to me. And they’ll always be. 🙂

#2. Everyone's feeling happy and kiddy-ish!

For some reasons all of us are always looking forward to go visit Qii’s family. Her grandma was my nanny for almost 15 years so yups, we’re kinda close. 🙂

Shortly after we reached, the adults decided to let them have some play time at the mini pool. Good way to keep them busy since the weather was super hot!


I on the other hand, had heaps of fun watching them from the side. Simple things like the sprinkles from the water hose bring so much joy and laughters from all of them!


How to not love a cutie like him?!

#5. Weee!!!

After that, each one of them were brought in to bathe and dressed to their best for the Princess’s birthday!

#6. Young girls in big dresses

The sisters and I were saying how long their dresses are and how short it will get as they grow older. x)

The funny part is that they all wanted big dresses because they are all influenced by the Disney princesses, you know how big Cinderella, Belle and Snow White’s dresses are.  Tsk tsk tsk.

#7. Birthday girl getting her hair done by grandma

Party started with food of course, and kiddy games throughout the night. Kiddy games in my dictionary = kids playing with random toys themselves with absolutely no rules.

As for us adults, we just sit and watch them in between the normal conversations with relatives. It is as boring as it sounds. =.=

Pictures (maybe not in sequence) ahead!

#8. The little boy we all love!

#9. Birthday girl with her presents

#10. Siblings with Nanny

#11. The Snow White-themed birthday cake!

#12. One of Snow White's dwarfs

They look adorable I know but they’re all made out of sugar so to prevent the kids all from getting sugar-rush, we quickly took them all away. Not quick enough to ‘save’ Snow White though. >.<


So the party ended at about 10 since the kids were all starting to cry and getting grumpy as bedtime drew closer.

Quite a good celebration as it was a good sight, looking at all the younger generations play while the older ones mingle happily talking about the old times. 🙂

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