Spending Time with the Loved Ones.

18 Jun

Been bumming at home for more than a month now, and it’s really making me more lazy!

Not like I have not been lazy before this but now that I can totally ditch my books, all I’m left with is to online and search for jobs.

And when job searching is done for the day, I pretty much just lay on the couch and search channels for programmes to just pass time.

Yes, it’s really as boring as it sounds.

On a brighter note, I think I’ve been spending more time than ever with the family and friends. 🙂

Cousin Yiing was in KL for a week so we brought her around for a bit.


It was a day out at KL’s shopping malls – Suria KLCC, Pavilion, and Sungei Wang.

Yiing managed to get some good bargains herself from Sungei Wang then we had desserts. Where else but Snowflake for desserts! 🙂



Then that week, I sneaked out to KL again to meet up my favourite girls from FEA! 😀

#4. PG!

#5. TBG!

Also got to meet my darling after that! Super happy! ♥

The only boy in family turned 16 three days ago!

We had dinner together and a mini cake-cutting ceremony after that at home. Despite the fact that I’m unemployed and completely broke, I managed to dig some cash to get him a (cheap) cake. It’s the thoughts that counts after all, right?


Then it was Chatime! (Minus Pa cause he’s totally against Taiwanese desserts after all the reports >.<)


#8. Battle of the Nostrils!

Just yesterday, I managed to meet up with the bunch from USJ13 over dinner then headed to Zouk after that.

Too bad we were such cheapskates we didn’t exactly want to pay (at all) so we ended up at the Main Room (I think) instead of Phuture, which I heard is a lot better.

The room we were at was quite disappointing with typical clubbing songs and congested with men! Not a very welcoming sight at the dance floor you know, with drunk guys all over dancing, so Aud and I spent the night sitting at our table.

It might have sounded like a complete disaster but I sure had fun chatting with both sober and tipsy friends. Haha! Overall, I enjoyed myself very much I would say. Glad I decided to tag along, so yes thank you Audrey! 😀


As much fun as it may sound, to have my week productively spent with all those I love, I REALLY WANT TO WORK! 😦

Let’s just all keep our fingers crossed that I’ll get an offer next week, alright? 🙂

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