Little Figures, Big Smiles.

24 Jul

I traded a day of rest and chill (boring) moments at home for them!

#1. Hung hung!

#2. Qii Qii!

These two siblings have totally different personalities! One would be running up and down, climbing every box/shelf in his way while the other spends the whole day doodling/reading.

So after reading Qii her Disney Princess-themed book, I chased the little boy around the house for a bit. Not long after that, I surrendered because he is seriously energetic! I settled down to help Qii with her homework instead and was pretty impressed or more like shocked to see what kids at kindergarten are actually doing.



This little girl actually did so well in both the subjects, in fact all the subjects that she had homework that day! Impressive!

#5. All smiles after homework!

And after she completed all her work she sat down with an A4 paper and a pencil then started drawing a picture of Mickey and Minnie Mouse blowing off candles on a cake then said, “Mun Mun jie jie, this is for your birthday.”

The drawing sure made my day! 🙂

Oh well, it’s Sunday night already so there goes the weekend.

Have a good week ahead everyone! Last week of July already!

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