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Touring Around KL – Batu Caves

5 Aug

The relatives from abroad have been very fond of Malaysia since their first visit so they have been coming back with different groups of people for a few years now.

As for the family, we’ve always loved having more people at home so whenever guests from near or far come we would be extremely excited about it! 😀

This time around, I didn’t get to join their tour plans all week but I managed to self-invite whenever I can. Hehe!

#1. Batu Caves!


I must admit, it’s a really nice place to take touristy pictures!


The flight of stairs almost killed me though! At one point I felt like I was falling backwards. >.<


But since we were there, we might as well make it all the way to the top! 😀

I actually liked the place because the monks (I think) were really helpful and friendly! They insisted on giving us some blessings and kept telling us “It’s free!” LOL Maybe Fei and I had the kiam-sap look 😛

After a long flight of stairs (very long one indeed!) and some scary encounters with the monkeys, we left Batu Caves and headed to the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary.

But I would like to keep that for another post cause I have loads to tell!

Have a good weekend ahead people!

2nd August 2011

4 Aug

The big date was two days ago but I’ve been so sick I spent at least 18 hours on sleeping that day!

Nevertheless, just a quick one to mark the importance of that day!

2nd August 2011 marks the second year we have been together! We haven’t managed to celebrate but the boy got this sent that day!


It may not be the most exclusive bouquet I’ve seen but it’s definitely the sweetest one I’ve received! The effort behind this dozen of roses and thoughts of getting it sent to my doorstep – priceless! ♥

Thank you Bee for the wonderful surprise! Sure got me smiling up until today! 🙂