Cheers on Getting Old!

4 Sep

My boyfriend’s birthday is a day before mine so we had our mini celebration together last Friday!

I think I finally understand Audrey now when she said something about it being less fun when our birthdays are so near each other’s. It’ll somehow end up as just one of our birthdays, if you get what I mean.

So obviously for my case, I was the Queen of the day! Ahaha! Chai picked up me after work and treated me to dinner then movie after that! Even got me a present that I picked myself. 😀

What did he get I hear you ask? Oh well, best present of all obviously – that is to be able to spend quality time with me! FHL! 😛

#1. Chai's King of Pig from K5


Yes yes his eyes were half closed but it’s the only picture of us from that night that looks okay.

#3. Punishment for being late.

His punishment of course! Ehehe!


Another one just to make me happy! 🙂

#5. Something I chose for myself 🙂


#6. Dinner!

Dinner was at the restaurant (of my choice) and it was superb! If you don’t already know, it was at Johnny’s!

It’s his first time so I pretty much made sure he tried everything I loved from there. End up our table (for four) was full with dishes! 😀


At this point, we have already whacked one bowl of Tom Yam Bihun and one plate of BBQ Chicken Spinach Noodles. yums!

#8. Mixed Dessert!

We were super full until we couldn’t even finish our steamboat but what is a meal without desserts, right? 😀

Rushed to the cinema after that, even missed some of the beginnings but I’m really glad we chose to watch this!

#9. Rise of the Planet of the Apes!

Don’t really remember what Planet of the Apes’s about but I sort of remember how silly I used to think it was, to have walking and talking apes in a movie. Not to mention how scary some of them looked. (No offense to fans!)

But this prequel is gooooooodd!! I really enjoyed the movie but it’s kinda sad how Caesar became from this…


to this…


But oh well, like what Summer from 500 Days of Summer said, “What always happen happens – life”

So the movie pretty much was the finale of my birthday celebration. 🙂 This year, stranger than ever my big day went by just like any other day. I know how this is how it’s supposed to be – it is after all, just another day.

I used to always emphasized how big birthdays were and how celebrations should be planned by people who truly care about you. If there were no celebrations, then sucks to be you but no one cares. LOL!

This year however, I realized celebrations, cakes, candles, presents, etc are all kinda over the top. What really matters is to have people you hold close to your heart with you.

And that should apply every day, not just on birthdays so see how birthday is just any other day of the year? 🙂 Guess this is a sign of old age!

But thank you Bee for the wonderful outing! I really really reeeaaally enjoyed myself! 🙂 Let’s save up for more dinners at nice restaurants!

2 Responses to “Cheers on Getting Old!”

  1. Belle at 9:29 am #

    Agreed! It’s who you spent it with that matters most! 🙂 🙂 it’s so weird being at this stage of life right now.. heh

    • xinminc at 10:48 am #

      Belle: Oh dear, this is such a late reply but anyways yeah! So weird it’s as though we’ve aged so much like that! 😛

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