When Many Left, They Stayed.

25 Sep

Today is yet another day worth to be written down somewhere, hence here I am trying to keep my eyes open at this hour just for the sake of writing when I still feel the excitement from the day. πŸ™‚

I keep saying how much I miss university but even I myself haven’t expected that I really do miss that phase of my life so much so it made me so emotional the whole day.

I was super excited with just the thoughts about meeting friends from the same course since it’s I-Week at the Faculty.

So excited I actually half-ran to the hall from my car. LOL!

Then I saw the very familiar building I spent my last three years in. And the smell of their air-conditioner – mm hmm~ I’m back!!! πŸ˜€

It was just so thrilling to see how successful I-Week in FEA can finally be! After so many years of letdowns, thank God we haven’t gave up on this beloved school of ours!!!

Then I met my roomies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually met them last night and when I saw them, I immediately felt like crying. I don’t know why either, I just wanted to hug them both and cry my heart out.

Don’t get me wrong, my life hasn’t sucked as much as it sounded. Just that I missed them so so SO much!

So to get an all-day outing with them today sure made me a super happy girl! And this silly woman came too, all the way from RTM Seremban!


And her so-called boyfriend who has been dead centuries ago!


…who is also cross-eyed! Ahahaha!

#2. Roomies!

For dinner we had Korean food, which was somewhat disappointing. Haha but really, it’s who you eat with that matters. πŸ™‚


And that’s the face you get from Malar when she is calling you ‘menyampah’. πŸ˜€

We basically went hunting for Elen’s so-called furnitures and did some shoe-shopping with Malar – simple stuffs but don’t know why I got super emotional about the whole thing when I left Elen’s house just now! 😦

I just suddenly remembered, these girls have been there not just for three years, but a really important chapter in my life.

They saw me in my worst and best days, heard me out countless times when I rant about my day, got woken up by me in the middle of the night simply because I was being stupid for getting scared over some random noise or shadow, accompanied me to shower in the next cubicle because I was scared again, and even helped held my hair and pat my back when I vomited over one of my migraine days.

They were there because they cared for me sincerely, with no expectations on what they’ll get back. Β And I know, they’ll always be there even though I’ve had already countless friends walking out on me simply because we are moving on with different things in life.

You girls are really the most amazing people I’ve met. I’ll always be grateful to have met each and everyone of you. πŸ™‚


Can’t wait for our complete group shot!Β β™₯

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