Breaking Dawn – Part One

28 Nov

No measure of time with you will be long enough, but let’s start with forever.


That was one of the things I remember most, coming from Edward in the movie Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

Yeah, I know how most people would roll their eyes at this point of time, with minds suddenly filled with all sorts of criticism one can think of.

I don’t blame them. It is indeed cheesy at some parts, to have someone saying that at this century. Some people don’t even say ‘I love you’ all that often anymore.

But let’s not forget the part where Edward was supposed to have existed at least a hundred years ago. 🙂

And yeah, it’s just a character some genius came up with. But what if, I told you that I really met someone who would say something as cheesy as Edward? Really! If you really are interested to know who, let me know I’ll introduce him to you. Hehe!

I don’t know what triggered me to write this post too. I guess I’m just overwhelmed with the whole movie after watching it last Saturday. Everything’s just so touching and emotional, not just Edward & Bella’s part.

I actually teared at Bella’s dad’s parts. It’s just so touching to see how protective Dads could be yet they try to hold back and act all macho. 😀

It’s really a good movie. I know how difficult it is to accept the whole idea though. It’s just that I am not choosy with movies so maybe it’s easier for me to like Twilight Saga.

Atop, I actually read the books after the first movie so I guess I was able to accept the whole part easier. Some book lovers would condemn how lifeless and expression-less Kristen Stewart is playing Bella while some movie lovers would loathe their cheesy scripts.

So for me, I am actually on the win-win situation! 😀 I watched the first movie before the books, so when I started reading I was actually already visualizing Kristen’s stoned face. And when I watched the movie, I actually anticipated the cheesy parts. Hehe!

So in short, thumbs up to Breaking Dawn – Part 1! Only downside is they censored the part where Bella was in labour. =.= Looking forward for the download versions and Part II, of course! 🙂

Their songs are  awesome too! ♥

3 Responses to “Breaking Dawn – Part One”

  1. I am a Beginner from A Subject Called Learning at 12:48 am #

    Cheers to that!!! =) Can’t wait for the part II too! That song is in my top 5 list now.

    • Xin Min at 10:05 pm #

      I was thinking who is this! LOL! How many IDs do u have Leong Hung Tong?? 😀

      • I am a Beginner from A Subject Called Learning at 11:50 pm #

        I thought I only have one?? Sorry, I just noticed the post that you replied. XP

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