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Dig Me A Hole?

24 Jun

It’s been a while since I was last here to write something. Somehow, twenty-four hours a day and two non-working days on a normal week is really really not enough for me.

So many things have happened with so many changes. I went to the HQ to work, unwillingly at first then totally enjoyed every minute I spend at work, for a short three months then I got posted to the branch for a permanent position. 

Then weekends are really  so short that I can’t do decent shopping for many many weeks now, without having to cancel dates with friends. Speaking of friends, I have a whole bunch of them I haven’t met for the longest time. 

And when you think life cannot get any worst accidents happen. Stupidity struck for that split second then gone it was – my six months of savings.

It’s frustrating how life keep pushing you through to the next phase when you’re just not ready. 

There are so many things I want to do or I want to keep but no, I can’t simply because I’ve outgrown them.

I just feel like digging a hole right now and bury myself deep so that I can listen to my own thoughts and hear what my heart wants. It’s okay if I don’t get to do all of them, I just want to listen to myself again. \

I know how frustrating this post sounds because I am frustrated. 

And I blame it on period.