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Of Carlsbergs, Harry and Assessments

20 Jul

For unknown reasons, I feel super happy this morning when I woke up!

Probably because I haven’t had my usual 11hours sleep since Friday (oh, so I do know the reason :p) and a sleep-deprived me is super grumpy.

And yes, I need 11 hours of sleep so I was just counting to myself if I start working and needs to wake up at say, 6am everyday I will have to sleep at 7pm! wtf I’ll probably still be in the office at 7pm =.=

So anyways, things got a little busy last week. 🙂 – happy face because I feel so productive!

Yean needed an emergency meeting with us so Cass and I had a mini drinking session with her last Wednesday. 🙂


Okay, so it wasn’t really that mini cause we had quite a lot of beer that night. Well, they had most of it, I stopped after my second cup of Carlsberg cause I really don’t fancy beer. >.<

And it was so last minute, Cass and I were in the wrong dress codes for a drinking session like that. LOL But it was a really good meet up I would say. 🙂

On Thursday, I managed to meet up with my favourite friends to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. We bought our tickets a week before that so not only did we managed to get tickets on that day itself, we got pretty good seats. 🙂


As usual, we dined at one of the shops with pretty good food, comfortable environment and best of all, really really reasonable prices!



Us messing around with the iPad 2 at the store and when we couldn’t keep the original copy, we decided to take pictures of them. 🙂

The movie was really really gooooood! And I’ve been telling this over and over again, but when Voldemort died in the movie, I was actually really sad because that means it’s really over. 😦

Then on Friday, we had a networking dinner with the Boston Consulting Group. 🙂

#5. The Poo Couple!

#6. Sayang & I

The night would’ve been better if more people could come *tsk Pei Ling please sedar I’m talking about you 😛 * but it was still good to see everyone after such a long time. Hehe!

Then the following days were occupied with assessments after assessments and interviews. And yeah, that was the exhausting part of the week because whenever I have an interview coming up, I would be half awake all night. >.<

So it’s Wednesday already and I haven’t had any yumcha sessions this week. Should probably plan something. 🙂 Have a good week people!

So Long, Cass!

3 Oct


It’s not always that you get to still be good friends with people you know since kids.

Cass is one of the very few friends I know since like what, Standard 3 that I still keep in touch regularly, especially now that she’s actually dating my neighbour!

Back then when we were still in primary school, we used to play “Ice and Fire” everyday before school starts and during recess. Yes, about 15 of us just throw our bags into one corner then we start running till the bell rings. 😀

At just 9 years old, we were already having crushes and dramas that involve nasi lemak and a broom stick. Lol!

But at that time, Cass is already the one trying to break up a fight, the one with the purest heart, ready to help anyone at anytime.

I had to transfer schools in Standard 4 so I didn’t see Cass until we went to the same secondary school again, and were even in the same class!

Then on, we kept in touch despite all the dramas in between. Haha! It’s just so funny to look back at those good ol’ days now, Cass!! 😉

Nevertheless, I’m glad after everytime we have to separate from each other, somehow we will bump into each other again.

Like after the different primary schools, we got in the same secondary school up until form 6. Then after form 6, you hooked up with my neighbour!

I’m glad to have known you for more than a decade and I’m really grateful that you are still so motherly after all the different phases in life; punk rocker chic, baller with killer sharp bracelets, liquid paper/permanent marker as nail polish, stapler bullet as ear rings, the infamous SLUT, our tau sar peah moments in the Red Saga, MYC, form 6 Biology nerd, and now a lawyer in the making.

I’m really proud of you, my dear Cass and I really appreciate you being there for me whenever I need you.

Always so patient and tolerant. Always giving into the rest of us. Always asking if we’re okay.

I’m going to miss you and please remember to take the goodest care of yourself in Reading ok!

p.s: Remember to come back with ‘something’ made in UK!!! 😉

Take care love, and do keep in touch! ♥♥♥

Of Sets of Friends

18 Sep

Semester break’s been occupied with four sets of friends!

LOL. First set would definitely be the BFFs; Loi & Heng. Second set is coursemates, third set is the high school girls; Yean, Cass & Ivie and lastly the form 6 buddies.

So, I went to I-City (again, yes I know) this time with the second set!

#1. Corolla! 😀

Went in two cars, two bosses drove us there. 🙂

#2. With the darling TBG

#3. With the sayang

Well, as I said earlier, I-City is just about the lighted decorations all over the place. So basically we just snap around! 😀

#4. Them two

#5. The lovebirds

#6. The girls

#7. The guys

Then just last night, had the whole night with a mixture of first and fourth set.

It was Justine, Jess’s sister’s birthday. So we were at her place for the party and Jing Sheng introduced this game called Monopoly Deal to us.


I was having so much fun playing because it’s a faster version of Monopoly and definitely more evil one so it’s more fun!! 😀

#9. Justine with Alexander

Headed over to Chill Out after the cake-blowing to meet up with the Form 6 bunch.

#10. Cass

Continued with Monopoly Deal. 😀

#11. Deal Breaker

 My favourite card from the deck! 😀


#13. Clockwise from top - Myself, Cass, Jess & Carol

#14. Loi, JS & myself

Semester break has come to an end and I really haven’t enjoyed myself as much as I wanted.

But oh wells, I cannot be blaming myself and have that self-guilt which will only ruin my last day of freedom.

Shall go get ready to go back to the hostel tomorrow! 🙂

Hope you guys had a good holiday/weekend!

Of Old Photos from FB!

2 Sep

People around would know I’m constantly on Facebook.

One fine afternoon, when FB was so totally dead and bored, I clicked onto my photos and viewed from the last one then clicked all the way backwards.

#1. Us in FRIM

It was when I saw these pictures that I feel it’s a must to put it up on my blog. 🙂

#2. Loi's birthday surprise

Blindfolded Loi then brought her tour around a while before we splashed all sorts of nonsense onto her.

Well, it was mostly just flour and considered the least serious one compared to the rest of us.

It was sort of like a tradition among us at that time that we splash nonsense onto that person on his or her birthday.

#3. Heng & I - with plans to elope

Haha! That was actually all the comments on FB but the two of us were actually told to look after the bags while Loi and Audrey went to check in or something.

This was during the Langkawi trip with the BFFs! 😀

#4. With Aud and Loi

#5. With Heng & Loi

#6. Us in deep thoughts...


Audrey is going to kill me for this, but oh wells, it’s a nice picture! ♥

Then it was those random outings back when Audrey is around…



#10. Along with Karine


Then our first few clubbing outings…


#12. At Bar Celona with Danny and Fook Siang as well..

where we ended the night bailing Fook Siang out from the police station. 😀


And those times when the short BFF is at US…

#15. Heng's bday!

#16. At Sunway Hotel's toilet.


On another occasion at MOS with my favourite kaki-clubbing. 😀


Also my bestest camwhore kaki. ♥

Not forgetting my b*tch. :-p

#19. CB Yean!


My favourite ‘kaki-bola’!

Oh, I miss you guys so so much!!!

Thank goodness semester break is here! 😀

More on the Birthday!

23 Aug

Not planning to write much in this post.

Going to fill it with pictures, pictures and MORE pictures! 🙂

#1. Pa and Meeee

The man and woman who made it happened.

Who made me who I am, today. ♥

#2. XinYi & XinFei

My bestest friends and partners in crime.

#3. Moon

The one who understands me best, in some issue that is. 😉

#4. Leong

#5. TBG, Shit & PG

#6. YDP Liew

#7. Jo Ann, Madelyn

#8. The girls.

The special ‘gifts’ I got from the faculty.

#9. Belle

The soft spoken yet super good friend. ♥

#10. Louise & Elen

The two long-time, loyal, truthful companions I have in this college.

Other random shots that I like…




Some of Mommy’s effort that night. 🙂

#14. Choong's!


#16. With the yummy BR cake!

#17. Reading all the personalized messages.


Oh ya! It was a themed party! I made all the girls wear black and all the guys wear white, just so that my pictures will turn out better! 😀

#19. With the girls.

#20. With the guys

And lastly, just a small shout out to my dear girl, Kylie…

#21. Kylie and Fei

Thank you for constantly being there for my baby sister!

I really owe you and Allyssa one for being just simply true friends to her because I do know that she always has this tendency to meet the wrong group of people.

I’m glad she knew you guys much earlier and you two have been there with her during her ups and downs all these years.

It means a whole lot to me to know that my sister is in good hands. Thank you, Kylie and Ally! 🙂

Of What I’ve Been Up To…

29 May
I’ve done it again, I am sorry to dump you aside, my dear blog but I haven’t got the equipments to beautify you.

Camera is on the way and time will be available soon, I hope.

So, what have I been up to..

Well, internship’s one of course. 🙂

Many are not that happy with their internships but I am different this time.

I totally love every part of it, including the part where I reach office one

hour plus early cause I get to enjoy my breakfast as I work!

#1. The QA Team!

Then, I’ve been spending not much but really good quality time with the coursemates. Really really love them!!

#2. The girls. 🙂

#3. Meddy darling & I

#4. Me sayang!!

#5. Liew & I

Okay, picture #5 is totally unrelated and definitely not recent but purposely put up to disturb Loo Pei Ling! 😀 *inside joke

Other than that, I’ve been spending time with the BFFs too!

No pictures (yet) but I’m going for movies with them tomorrow!! 🙂

People’s been asking why am I so emotional in my FB’s status lately.

I don’t know either, all I know I am really contented and grateful for every part of it now. Hehe.

I’m glad I chose the right path to study and work in, I’m loving the people I have, everything’s just perfect.

Will update when I’m less emo. Hehe!

Of Cheap Fun & A Good Laugh

5 May

It’s been decades weeks since I blogged properly, I’m super excited now to update on Wing Chun!!!

So, the night before my last paper (yes, I escaped from books one night before exam so what *defensive) the girls and I went out to watch the much-talked-about Ip Man 2.

#1. Moon, Louise, Mandy & Elensha

Honestly, the expectations were rather low for me as I didn’t quite agree with those who said Ip Man (1) was the bomb or something.

It was pretty ordinary to me. Maybe cause I was watching from a DVD with nonsense subtitles

So, as it was pretty much the last outing with them for this semester, we decided to camwhore just a bit. 🙂

#2. Mandy manja-ing Elen as usual.


#4. Moon with the 'Blue Blue Tea'~

#5. ...Which was a bit too sour. >.<

#6. Loo loo with her 'healthy' drink!

Our seats were separated so I was with Elen and Mandy while Loo was with Moon at the other end.

Oh, did I mention we went to the Tropicana City Mall?

It’s rather new and empty but I like it that way! Not as crowded and congested like Mid Valley. 🙂

And the cinema was really comfortable too! Best of all, the tickets were cheap! 🙂

Not forgetting the best part was I super like the movie!!!

It was really really good and we couldn’t stop ourselves from Wing Chun-ing resulting to this…

#7. Us Wing Chun-ing 🙂

Okay lah, I know damn tak jadi.

Too hyper to look serious so all don’t know look like what. 🙂

All in all, it was a really good night out despite the short hours outside.

So relaxing, fun and CHEAP! 🙂


Then on Labour’s Eve we went to Zouk for the CLEO’s Bachelor’s Party.

#9. At the back of the Red Saga 🙂

It was one of our cheap attempts to enter a club for free again.

You see, we had free passes for the Bachelor’s Party so we thought of just going in earlier, get the goodie bag and wait till it ends then we can club the night away!

Much to our surprise they actually shoo-ed us out after the party and to enter again we’ll have to pay cover charges.

So we ended up settling down at SS2 then headed to Asia Cafe in the Red Saga with laughing gas (inside joke) all poluting us. 🙂

It was really a lot of fun and worth sacrificing my study time. 🙂

And oh yeah, I am updating properly again with pictures all because I’m HOMEEEEEEE!!! 🙂

Yay to fast connections, double yay to Astro, triple yay to air-conditioner, many more yays for BFFs reunion!! Not forgetting yumcha with the silly b*tch Lee Sze Yean!!

Gotta squeeze all these fun in 5 days before my internship. 🙂