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Trip to the Elephant Sanctuary!

1 Sep

So as promised many many days ago, this is on the trip to the Elephant Sanctuary at Kuala Gandah!

Both Fei and I were extremely excited about it because… hey, we’re talking about real life elephants okay! What is there not to be excited right?


The gentle giants are really really adorable! Probably they are very well-trained too that’s why their cuteness doubled and tripled all the way!


Despite their ‘animal odour’, Fei and I couldn’t keep our distance from them the whole trip!



Adorable max! Especially when they go mandi!! 😀


You get to feed them too! Most of them prefer peanuts to fruits so if you’re going to visit them, stock up on peanuts!


But just so you know, being cute is one thing, feeding them and enduring that splat of saliva on your palm is another. >.< Thank goodness I volunteered to take pictures so I didn’t have to go through that! 😀


Even got to ride on them after that! Many complained about their rough skin and stuff but really, I adore them to bits!!! Look closely at their faces and you’ll see how gentle they look, how manja they really are! 🙂


See! They even know how to pose for pictures!

So yup, that pretty much wraps up about the elephant trip. Gotta head to bed now since I’m working tomorrow! Yesss I’m finally working! 😀

Touring Around KL – Batu Caves

5 Aug

The relatives from abroad have been very fond of Malaysia since their first visit so they have been coming back with different groups of people for a few years now.

As for the family, we’ve always loved having more people at home so whenever guests from near or far come we would be extremely excited about it! 😀

This time around, I didn’t get to join their tour plans all week but I managed to self-invite whenever I can. Hehe!

#1. Batu Caves!


I must admit, it’s a really nice place to take touristy pictures!


The flight of stairs almost killed me though! At one point I felt like I was falling backwards. >.<


But since we were there, we might as well make it all the way to the top! 😀

I actually liked the place because the monks (I think) were really helpful and friendly! They insisted on giving us some blessings and kept telling us “It’s free!” LOL Maybe Fei and I had the kiam-sap look 😛

After a long flight of stairs (very long one indeed!) and some scary encounters with the monkeys, we left Batu Caves and headed to the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary.

But I would like to keep that for another post cause I have loads to tell!

Have a good weekend ahead people!

Little Figures, Big Smiles.

24 Jul

I traded a day of rest and chill (boring) moments at home for them!

#1. Hung hung!

#2. Qii Qii!

These two siblings have totally different personalities! One would be running up and down, climbing every box/shelf in his way while the other spends the whole day doodling/reading.

So after reading Qii her Disney Princess-themed book, I chased the little boy around the house for a bit. Not long after that, I surrendered because he is seriously energetic! I settled down to help Qii with her homework instead and was pretty impressed or more like shocked to see what kids at kindergarten are actually doing.



This little girl actually did so well in both the subjects, in fact all the subjects that she had homework that day! Impressive!

#5. All smiles after homework!

And after she completed all her work she sat down with an A4 paper and a pencil then started drawing a picture of Mickey and Minnie Mouse blowing off candles on a cake then said, “Mun Mun jie jie, this is for your birthday.”

The drawing sure made my day! 🙂

Oh well, it’s Sunday night already so there goes the weekend.

Have a good week ahead everyone! Last week of July already!

Qii Turns Five

7 Jun

When I was able to so called think of a proper ambition, I actually thought of teaching. And the ambition somehow developed into a dream that I still hold onto today, that is to open a kindergarten. 😀

Random way to start this post but it’s somehow related la. Comes back to the point where I really like kids! 🙂

It was my little cousin, Qii Qii’s birthday. This time her parents had a gathering at home which was definitely wise to me, because the little girl is more comfortable at her own crib AND there were many more kids!

#1. Two grown-up kids

Yes, these two monkeys with adult figures are still very much kiddies to me. And they’ll always be. 🙂

#2. Everyone's feeling happy and kiddy-ish!

For some reasons all of us are always looking forward to go visit Qii’s family. Her grandma was my nanny for almost 15 years so yups, we’re kinda close. 🙂

Shortly after we reached, the adults decided to let them have some play time at the mini pool. Good way to keep them busy since the weather was super hot!


I on the other hand, had heaps of fun watching them from the side. Simple things like the sprinkles from the water hose bring so much joy and laughters from all of them!


How to not love a cutie like him?!

#5. Weee!!!

After that, each one of them were brought in to bathe and dressed to their best for the Princess’s birthday!

#6. Young girls in big dresses

The sisters and I were saying how long their dresses are and how short it will get as they grow older. x)

The funny part is that they all wanted big dresses because they are all influenced by the Disney princesses, you know how big Cinderella, Belle and Snow White’s dresses are.  Tsk tsk tsk.

#7. Birthday girl getting her hair done by grandma

Party started with food of course, and kiddy games throughout the night. Kiddy games in my dictionary = kids playing with random toys themselves with absolutely no rules.

As for us adults, we just sit and watch them in between the normal conversations with relatives. It is as boring as it sounds. =.=

Pictures (maybe not in sequence) ahead!

#8. The little boy we all love!

#9. Birthday girl with her presents

#10. Siblings with Nanny

#11. The Snow White-themed birthday cake!

#12. One of Snow White's dwarfs

They look adorable I know but they’re all made out of sugar so to prevent the kids all from getting sugar-rush, we quickly took them all away. Not quick enough to ‘save’ Snow White though. >.<


So the party ended at about 10 since the kids were all starting to cry and getting grumpy as bedtime drew closer.

Quite a good celebration as it was a good sight, looking at all the younger generations play while the older ones mingle happily talking about the old times. 🙂

Pretty Saturday Afternoon!

29 May

It’s been a while since I last posted something here but seriously, life hasn’t been entertaining AT ALL with absolutely nothing new so there wasn’t a point in writing a new entry.

Anyways, since I’m back that means I have done something out of the norm today!

Yes yes I’ve been finding all sorts of reason to upload so when I get to do something worth blogging about I will immediately tell the world!

Just this afternoon, I attended a workshop by RMK at Chinoz on the Park, KLCC along with Audrey, Fei and Eva.

For noobies like us, the workshop was extremely useful! Only downside is now we’ll have to really save up to get those tools! 😀



Best part of the whole workshop is their make up artist and assistants were really helpful and attentive, despite the fact that we may not be potential buyers of their products at all!

Customer service comes as the number one priority to me. Sometimes I will buy something even if I haven’t planned to just because the sales assistant is too kind!

Unfortunately more often than not I get snobbish sales assistant in the cosmetic line. Just because I don’t use much of make-up and I don’t look like the wealthiest girl ever doesn’t mean I won’t buy anything!

So yes, as I said the make-up artists today were really nice! Double thumbs up to RMK for this!


Another awesome part of this workshop is they actually let us try to do the steps on our own first and if we really don’t know only they’ll help!

But oh well, my make-up artist was too kind I’m too lazy so she did all the steps for me! What a way to pamper myself ey? 🙂


Tadaaa! Skip all the steps in between cause seriously she was so good at it that I just want to close my eyes and open to see a prettier me. LOL!

But really, I am having what my sisters call the ‘bad face period’; annoying red pimples everywhere but the foundation sealed all nicely and yet I don’t look like I’m wearing a mask made out of concealer! 🙂

#5. Audrey getting help from Fara


So nice right! And this is probably the very few pictures of her these few days because that crazy girl thinks she looks too hideous for pictures on normal days. =.=

#7. Eva, Fei and their make up artist

These two young ladies sure transformed themselves after the workshop too! With help from the pretty make up artist with them of course. 🙂

#8. Us with the Japanese make-up artist!

#9. Aud & I

#10. Fei & I

And to wrap this ‘pretty’ post is a naked face of mine. 🙂


Just something to show how amazing the products of RMK were.

p.s: I know there might be other brands with equally as good or even better products but you must try getting something from RMK because their artists are really helpful! For noobs like me, you should really really go to them and ask for help! 🙂

Pre Grad Trip – The Second Day

7 May

Never got to really post about the second day after the first cause I have such moodswings I only blog about something I feel strongly about.

But since I got the first part already, it’s only right for me to finish it since it’s just a two days trip. 🙂


Day 2 started with these yummy dearies!

Sean is seriously the best ‘tour guide’ I’ve met because he actually purposely went to get them for us after we jokingly told them we wanted to try them. 😀

If you think they are just plain ordinary curry puffs, you’re super wrong! They don’t have potatoes, curry powder nor do they eggs but instead they are filled with…

#2. Red Bean!

#3. Yam!

Strange how I was never really a fan of the two, I really liked that puff! ^^

Then we went to walk around the place we stayed (near Jonker Street) for a bit.


Clear blue sky also equals to hot burning sun directly on your skin. >.<

#5. Blue Moon?

#6. Louise


I know how this picture can be improved with it being straight at least but there’s something about it that I really like. Not sure what. 🙂

After some prayings, we headed straight to eat some more!

#8. Cendol!

Why of course we must have some Cendol when we’re already at Malacca! This one’s from Bibik House, it’s not as sweet as the famous Jonker 88’s so it’s really good!

#9. Moon & Belle!

Guess what’s next?

#10. Nyonya Curry Mee!

Then after that…

#11. Blueberry Cheese Cake!


By the time we kao-tim the cheese cake, we were quite full already but really, how often do you get to visit Malacca? With such awesome company?

Well, not very often for me so we didn’t let the makan tour stop there. 😀 Headed to Nadeje!

#13. Mille crepe!

And guess what they have just down the row, about two to three shops away from Nadeje?

#14. Pork Satay!

The pork satay was a little over rated to me, personally. But since it’s my first time, I thought it was quite good. 🙂 Little did I know we have it here too, according to my dad. =.=

#15. Chicken Rice Balls!


No idea why all of us became hungry again at this point of time. Ahaha! Perhaps the chicken rice was really too good to be resisted!

Then finally we left Malacca, back to KL around 4 or so.. Managed to catch the sun set from the highway!


Definitely a really good trip! Will miss them so so much. Can’t believe we’re all leaving in just a few days time!

To Uncle Choong!

9 Mar

This is to the man who taught me all the basic principles in life.

He taught me how to constantly look on the bright side of things because that will simply bring out the better person in you.

He taught me not to blame others or just anyone on a misfortunate that’s happened to us.

He taught me to be contented, hence appreciate what the country’s been giving us instead of constantly criticizing them.

But he didn’t tell me directly word by word, he told me all these through the way he acted towards things that has happened all these years.

So yeah, it took me 23 years to finally see what a person he is.

Funny how when I was younger, I had always been afraid of him because he will never ask, “How was your day?” Instead he waits for you to tell him about it.

Then when I was in my teens, I got frustrated with him for not showing how much he really cares, or did he even bother about how I was doing because he will never tell you, “Well done!”

But as I grew older, I realized he is extremely proud of his daughters and son over small achievements by them. Well, obviously he didn’t tell us directly.

I know this because he was caught in a heated discussion with a relative when the relative question my report that made my team first runner-up’s in the Investment Research Challenge.

And he is always telling long lost friends we happened to bum in that all his girls are either working or studying in universities and would purposely highlight the institutions that we’re attached to.

Not forgetting his two favourite quotes that will never fail to bring tears to Mom, giggles to my sisters and the brother would say, “Lame~” 😀

“I may not have the biggest houses or the most luxurious cars, but I have five money-can’t-buy treasures”

“I would want your mother to die first before me because she simply is too dependent on me. I will still have to hold onto her now when we’re crossing the roads!”

These two are the ones that make me realize how much of a man my Dad really is. And how he’s inspired me to be the person I am today.

To the person I respect most in my entire life in spite of whatever other people have to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Oh and the contented Dad is actually extremely happy about aging because he claims that now that he’s in the senior citizen’s category, he gets to enjoy all the privileges! Discount rates on tickets and cutting queues are the two things that he enjoys most! 🙂

#1. Uncle Choong!

Failed shot, it was supposed to look like he’s holding the eagle but nevertheless a good picture because his expression is just priceless! 😀

Happy birthday again Pa! Hope you enjoyed all the eating marathon! 😉

A Bit of Here and There

6 Mar

Time flies way too fast and it’s just scary that it seemed like it was just yesterday when I was contemplating which university to go to after STPM then now I find myself at the crossroads again, to decide which field should I join after exams this May.

Don’t ask me why I’m in such a rush to work right after my exams because the question should be ‘why not’ instead. Why not start moving towards your ambition as soon as you’re all ready and qualified?

Oh well, not going to go on about that now cause I do know not everyone has the same ideology as me.

So anyways, I went down south last week for a short weekend getaway with the boyfriend and had really quality time together! 🙂



Well, for a short holiday Malacca’s a pretty good place but for long term, I wouldn’t like to stay there.

No offense fellow Malacca-ians, but I guess I’m just too used to the ‘faster’ here in KL. At a few times, I was so close to telling them to hurry up but decided not to since I’m supposed to be on a relaxed holiday. 😀

On a side note, I’m completely happy to be home now! Hehe!

It felt like it’s been so long since I got home and just do nothing. Not that long actually, just two weeks consecutively stayed back at the hostel. Haha.

And as usual, besides the Drama marathon, I kept up with the Choong’s through quite a number of meals.

One of the ‘special’ ones was Dim Sum breakfast this morning! Special because I was the one who paid the bill. 😉


Dad’s birthday is around the corner and I just got my prize from Bursa for coming in as first runner-ups in the Investment Research Challenge so decided to share the joy!

And joy to the Choong’s is by eating good food together. 🙂 Somehow Dad doesn’t want any presents and insisted on us spending on meals for the whole family instead.

Maybe he just likes to bring us altogether and eat all the way!

Dim sum at the Grand Imperial was great because it was my first time and the food is just yummy!

#4. 'Lau Sar Pau'

Especially this one! The filling is super yummy with the strong butter-y cream-y taste.

And later for dinner we’re going to have the ‘Pun Choi’ again! That will be Xin Yi’s turn to pay of course! 🙂 And speaking of the sister, she’s got a new look!


Not that obvious from here but it’s supposed to look like Tavia Yeung’s hairstyle because she’s so inspired by her after watching ‘The Rippling Blossom’.

Okay, I do realize that my post is so scattered and jumbled up with random updates. I think I’ve abandoned my blog for tad bit too long this time. >.<

Will hopefully come back soon with a better update. Till then, take care!

Reunion Dinners!

20 Feb

Many said the CNY this year felt really short but I for one think it should really end soon (well, I only came to this realization on the day before Chap Goh Mei or something) because it’s another excuse for people (like me) to eat eat and EAT!

First you have reunion with the family and relatives…


Had a mini pot luck reunion again at my home after we got back from Ipoh…


Then reunion with college’s Chinese Club…

#3. Upon leaving college...

#4. With Mandy & Mei Wei

#5. With the family!


One table with ten girls and that was the amount we whallop! xD

And then there’s reunion with course mates, members from PEKUMA…


Then just this random dinner my parents decided to go on with because it was Chap Goh Mei…


First time trying this dish called, ‘Pun Choi’ and I think it’s yums! 😀

But seeeeeeeeriously… I think I had a bit too much of reunion dinners. >.<

CNY Day 1!

5 Feb

CNY this year wasn’t as good as I thought cause of the accident and I thought I lost my ang pau!

FML it wasn’t just any ang pau it was THE ang pau my dad gave me. I searched high and low but it was nowhere to be found and I comfort myself by making myself believe I lost the money to gambling.

But anyways, I found it now so I’m a happy girl again! 😀

#1. Sisters & Mom at work

The annual thing we do each year on New Year’s Eve; to help Mom wrap ang paus. 😉

The next day, the sisters as usual dressed to their best again! 😀



They were in their cheongsams and I was pretty much casual as I was in the years before cause seriously, ask me to spend that amount of money onto ONE attire, I’d rather buying more casual outfits so I can wear ’em all year round! 😀

#4. With granny

We headed to my cousin’s sister’s MANSION not long after that to catch the lion dance!


Oh well, a little camwhore session while waiting don’t do any harm right? 😀

#6. With cousin Yiing

Then the lion dance came and did their thing.



I didn’t get to enjoy the performance as much as I had wanted to because I was helping my cousin with the video-recording.

It was my first time laying hands on a video recorder so I do hope the outcome doesn’t disappoint my cousin!

Then had lunch and snapped more pictures. 🙂

#9. Pa with the nephews

#10. Mom & sis

#13. With other fellow Choong's!

So highlights of Day 1 ended like that.

We didn’t do much of gambling though I managed to get my Monopoly Deal and gambled a little with that. 😉

And of course, for dinner we had home cooked vegetarian! It was exactly like what my late grandma used to prepare for CNY every year when she was still around.

After she left, no one knew how to prepare anymore. Well, except the maid who’s been with her for more than 15 years of course.

So the maid got back and cooked us some nice meals of vegetarian so we indulged happily. Not sure about the rest but I felt Grandma’s presence with us.

I’m sure she’s happy to see us all doing well. 🙂