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Get It Right

19 Mar

Just watched Glee’s latest episode – Original Song and oh my, the songs just get better!

For some reasons I feel really moved by the song Rachel performed in the Regionals, Get It Right.

Just somehow it sort of relates to some things I’ve been encountering lately. Well, I mean every now and then people do feel like their efforts are not good enough but just somehow they want to fix things, right?

Just of recent, I suddenly feel like giving up with the things I’ve been doing since I got into the university.

Well, I’ve never thought of getting any form of appreciation in material wise but for the least, I want to at least get some sort of appreciation from people. Maybe just a simple ‘thank you’, you know.

But in return, people question why did you do it in the first place and sound like you only brought more trouble with your involvement.

And next thing you know, they start talking behind your back for all your hardwork and effort.

I really don’t think I deserve those sort of thing? I may not have contributed so much I was able to set everything right but for the least, I tried to help. I tried to assist you in ways I’m able to.

Or even you know, I tried to be a good friend and just show you the right path. But instead you think I’m trying to be possessive and controlling.

I said it once, not sure if you still remember but I advice because I care.

Think about it, I could’ve just walked away and let you continue being the naive person you are then watch you ‘hit walls’ along the way.

Perhaps sometimes ignorance is indeed bliss.

Oh wells, emo stuffs aside, GLEE IS AWESOME! ♥

And and and I just met up with my ex-work mates from HSBC during internship last year. Really glad to see everyone still being themselves. 😀

#1. Girls who used to be in the QA Team!

Seriously never thought I could meet such great helpful down to earth people in HSBC! They’re all really nice and were ready to offer a helping hand whenever you need one.  🙂

So despite the 3hours sleep since the last 48hours, I’m a happy girl!

Experience with the QA Team.

9 Jul

I may be repeating myself but again, INTERNSHIP WAS HEAPS OF FUN!!!

You see, where do you get your Assistant Managers, Officers, seniors, just basically the whole team to take such pictures?

#1. The team!

Basically, what I did for the whole 8 weeks was to listen to the sales calls made by Telesales Representatives of HSBC and see if they are telling customers the right things.

I do the same thing everyday, but I somehow enjoyed myself much more than I’ve ever expected.

#2. Xue Yin, myself and Jessica

Major reason definitely is because of them two; Xue Yin and Jessica. ♥

They’re both interns as well – Xue Yin completed her studies at UCSI while Jessica is in the midst of completing her degree in Economics at NTU, Singapore.

Probably we’re about the same age (Jess is a year younger) hence we sort of have the same wave length which leads to pretty interesting conversations during lunch time everyday! 🙂

#3. Us with Sarah & Thana

Then there’s Sarah and Thana.

They’re both permanent in the team, oh only Thana is in the team now as Sarah was promoted and is now in the 6th floor! 😀

Anyway, they were both really helpful and supportive throughout my 8 weeks there.

When we have to stay back due to backlogs, Thana’ll treat us burger and make sure we all reached home safe and sound.

And Sarah was really protective of us as when disputes came in, she’ll be standing up for us.

#4. With Boon & Chris!

The guys!

They’re both permanent as well but I got to work with Chris for a while only cause he joined later.

Boon has always been the one leading us to places for lunch cause you see, girls just seem to have no sense of directions sometimes. :p

Chris is considered new when I left but he was picking up real fast! Sure hope he is helping Thana with her workload!

#5. With Mr Fathul & Mr Lim

And the above two are Mr Fathul, my supervisor in HSBC and Mr Lim.

They are definitely ranks above me but they guided me with much patience all the way. 🙂

#6. With Sakun and Nalini

 These two dearies are from the Support Team.

They have been really nice and warm to us as well. Sigh. I’m missing them already. 😦

#7. With the CEO & MD of Global Banking, HSBC Bank Malaysia BHD

 Days before we left, we met the CEO in front of the office and got to snap a picture with him! 🙂

Not one of my favourite pics, but how often do you get to stand so close to your CEO, what more take a picture with him?

#8. Something we got for Thana...

 Dear Team,

I know the chances that any of you guys are going to read this is really slim, but I really want you all to know that I’ve enjoyed really moment spent with you guys.

The experience in HSBC wasn’t just about the information and knowledge I’ve gained but it was also about the friendship and bond created during that 8 weeks.

I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful memories.

Love you guys max! And do take care!

Last but not least, LET’S MAKE IT RIGHT AT ALL TIME!

 p.s: All these fine quality pics are borrowed from Jessica. Thanks girl! 🙂